Concerns about vaccinating my baby so early.

I am due in may and am very concerned about the amount of vaccines new babies have to get. For starters they are given a hep. b shot hours after birth and this is for a...

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Baby's first vaccines.

I took my son, who is a month old, to his well-baby checkup today. He looked great; has gained three pounds and two ounces since birth! Little chunker lol! Everything looked...


Vaccination Choices

Isn't it a parents right to research available information to decide if it a wise choice to vaccinate their child? I have chosen not to, preferring to boost my childrens...


infant vaccines...

I just got paperwork from the doctor concerning vaccines for my daughter. She's 2 months old and still in the NICU. I'm overwhelmed by the number of shots she's supposed to be...


Vaccinations and Fevers?

Hi everyone, my 6 month old just went for his shots, and the very next day he awoke with a temperature of 38.5 degrees, I called the local health link, and they said he was...

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I just don't feel right about giving my son any more vaccinations. He got his 2 month set. Since that time one of my girlfriends kids had his 6 month shots and was almost...



My daughter is 2 months now and due for her vaccine, i decided against the ones at birth.... any thoughts on which ones are important and which you guys opted out of?


immunizations: For Or Against?

My baby's two month check up is in a few days where she's supposed to receive a few shots. I was wondering if anyone else felt a little unsure about getting their child...


To get MMR shot or not??

My son is 2 1/2 and I'm supposed to get his MMR shot, I know there Is alot of debate and I'm still not sure what to do, if I should have him get the shot or not. Some opinions...


Flu Shot

My daughter will be 10 mo on Oct 28. Should she get a flu shot? How many of you have or have not gotten you child a flu shot what are your reasons?


Universal health care - thoughts?

Not to pick on Sherri (seriously, I'm not), but a comment in the abortion thread made me wonder: "I agree with everything you say Krista except I am also 100% against...

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MMR shot

I am currently going through major MMR anxiety as my daughter is now 10 months old. We have followed the regular immunization schedule so far. I was just wanting some opinions...

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Hello members of the Highly Gifted community. I just wanted to introduce myself and open the doors to communication. Samantha asked if I would moderate the board and I was very...