Putting 9 month old to bed...

Hello moms out there, I need some help,Right now the way we put our 9 month old to bed everynight is we cradle her in our arms, and let me just say every single night its a...

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Let's introduce ourselves!

Hi everyone,
Welcome to the February 2008 Babies community, where we chat about our February 2008 children and whatever else is on our minds!
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Treatment for excema?

HI i was wondering if anyone knows a good way to treat excema. my bestfriends boy who is 16month has it pretty much from head to toe and she doesn't know what to do. She has...



hi everyone I was wondering how everyone puts there little ones to sleep i was a little suprised in the other group as i thought everyone just put their babies into bed let...


Set Me Free - Unrestricted Babies

** Read this today and thought it was something we haven't debated recently. Sorry, it's quite long.** Many months after becoming a mom I realized a shocking truth: we...

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Americanization - The influence of The United States of America on popular culture, technology, business practice, and politics of other countires. Inside of the U.S.A it is...

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