number 2's in potty

My 2 1/2 old little girl won't 2's in the potty nor toilet,not to mention when people is around ,she holds it up.should i be worried?


concerned mom of a 23 mon. old

My lil girl has to stay on a daily routine we have noticed that if she doesn't eat , sleep, take her bath at or close to same time she gets mean. I would say it normal for most...

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Are cameras worth the $$$?

I have a 4 yr old son and I'm 4months along with my pregnancy, I registered for the ultra awesome $250 camera so I could keep an eye on the baby. It's not that my son is bad...



Hi there everyone! I am married and have a son of 3 years. The husband and I are faced with a tough decision which would have him away from us on work for 3months at a time and...



Hey everyone~ My son Braeden, 3 was just diagnosed with PDD...it's been a long road. He was seen first at 15 months and we are still on the wait list to be seen in Boston. I...


HELP Very Concerned MAMMA!!! with two concerns???

my daughter's 3 year old check up was today. we just switched her to a different practice because her doctor was highly recommended but close to retirement age and we found to...

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My 2yr old I think is ready for potty training. She has been waking up dry and will said "potty potty" only after she has already gone. I need help. What should I do to get her...


To the point of not caring

I have a friend that is currently living with my husband son and myself. We invited her to move in because she found out she was pregnant and was kicked out of where she was...

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I am potty training and I need advice

I have been potty training my son( he will be turning 2 in 18 days) for awhile now and now matter what we do it feels like we are not going anywhere. I have him in underwear and...


potty training......

my son is now two and only will use his potty before bed..... i cant get him for the life of me to his potty any other time of the day. i could be at fault cause i find it so...

Started by Cassie on 10/15/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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How to potty train, please help

I've read books that say not to leave the house for three days when starting! I can't do that. She is ready but she doesn't understand she can pee/#2 in the baby toilet. She...


my four year old is still wetting himself!

Hi everyone i'm new to site and in need of advice or tips...............Please My four year old has been potty trained since he was 2 year old. He has been dry in the day but...

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toilet tranning

my son is 18mths and i was wondering when is it a good time to start tranning him. he lets me no when he has done poos and sometimes when his has a wet nappy. but i dont what to...

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