islamic upbringing in western country

Iam interested to hear what other mothers do for themselves and with their children to keep their children aware of god (Allahswt swt) and the practices of islam, especially...



My daughter bites occasionaly when being BF. It wasn't very hard the first few times but its getting to be harder everytime. I always stop and tell her no that it hurts mommy....

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long daycare

Did you have your child in long daycare up to 35 to 50+ hours a week with heaps of kids before school? i'm interested in people whos kids have grown up not the ones that are...


6 year old sleeping through the night

my 6 yr old son had a nightmare about a month ago. Every since then we have had a hard time trying to get him to sleep through the night. I put a nightlight behind his door...

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Dealing with loss

I am in the process of having a miscarriage and I just can't understand how stupid people are about it. I would be about 5 weeks along and we found out a week and a half ago...


Paranoid about swine flu

Hi, I have a 8 month old daughter and I am worried about swine flu. My brother in-law is coming home from Paris today, and I heard that there have been comfirmed cases there,...


Hurtful Words

So, this morning on the daily ride to school my 15 year old daughter told me she can't wait for me to drop dead so she won't have to deal with me any more! Oh, here's the...

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Family Members and Autism

Has anyone had experience with family members not wanting to spend time with thier autistic child? My mother has been this way since my son was still an infant. She spends very...


"The Talk" :o

What is the right age to have the birds and the bees talk with my daughter? She will be 9 in June. She has asked a few innocent questions, which i"ve given very vague answers...


is this normal? (a little long sorry)

My son is now 7 months old. I'm a little worried about his development and am wondering if he's just a little bit slower than other babies or if theres something actually wrong....

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Homeschooling Mothers!

Hello, I was wondering if there were any homeschooling mothers out there! I live in the yale,michigan area and would like to start a bible based homeschooling group.. doing...


Rights for my kids

When my husband and I married three years ago we both had children from previous relationships. No drama on my end; however my husbands ex girlfriend is taking him to court to...

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