What is it with MIL's? Semi-Rant LOL

If you're a MIL maybe you can explain to me why you don't listen to your grandchildren's Parents . My MIL is fricken crazy. My partner and I went to see Kings of Leon last...

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babysitting pay

I am am new mom and was wondering how much should I pay someone for watching my 10mth old twin daughters? She is a wonderful, kind, neighbour who sweetly says "oh I'm not...

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A little about me...

I live in Oakland. I am married. I have two daughters ages 5 and half and 3 almost 4. I homeschool and am a stay at home mom. I do volunteer work with an animal rescue and...


I used to feel like a yoyo!

I used to feel like I could conquer the world and then I would feel 6 foot under. I had always been able to get myself back from the bouts of depression. A couple of years go,...

Started by Linda on 11/27/2008 in Moms With ADHD

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want to stop breastfeeding 16 month daughter

I feel the need to stop breast feeding but its the only way I get my daughter to sleep she loves it relaxes her when nothing else does ...she takes the bottle and throws it..

Started by Melissa on 04/25/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Weaning Son from breastfeeding.....

I have 4 children (3 daughters and now our son) I have nursed ( 1 of my kids is a step, so it wasn't an option to nurse her)...and so far our son has been the most interesting....

Started by Heather on 07/10/2009 in July 2008 Babies

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My situation.

Well, we've been seeing my step-daughter for a year now, and things are going very well for the most part. She is 4 yrs old and an absolute doll. The reason we have only been...

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Passive aggression

Soooo,.... My 9 yo stepson is very defiant, I believe in a passive aggressive way. You tell him to eat his broccoli and he takes a nibble and puts it down. Then again tell him...

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Sleepovers, Kindergarteners, and a faux pas!

How do you handle invites for your kids to play and/or spend the night at a friend's house when you haven't met the friend or the child's family (and your child is 5 years old)?...

Started by Susan on 12/11/2014 in School-Age Kids

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Kids going back to school

Their summer break is over and its time for them to go back to school. We moms have to take a long deep breathe in order to prepare ourselves financially, mentally, and...


new to group

HI, My name is Nancy, I live in VA and have 5 kids and 1 grandbaby. I am almost 47. My children range from 28, 27, 22, 16 and 11. My granddaughter is 10months.. I will...

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Looking for some Support/Feedback

I do not see any rules in this community, so I hope I do not break any rules. However, I am working with three blogs as the administrator to their facebook pages. I was hoping...

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Nurture or Nature?

I was brought up by my dad from a young age. My husband was brought up by his mom from 13 on up. His dad died. His mom was a stay at home mom. The thing is, I dont have a...

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Anyone know of moms groups in Fredericksburg P.A. or Lebanon P.A. for stay at home moms and there kids I am getting so bored and lonley I don't have alot of friends most of my...


Need Help with my 5 year old???

my Daughter is saying harsh words to kids at school like HOBO ect and they are saying this is bulling as well she is starting to steal. how do i deal with this she does not...