Thought this was fitting. Made me smile :)

Exhausted new mom's hilarious take on 'expert' sleep advice goes viral Rebecca DubeTODAY FacebookTwitterRedditPinterestEmail April 23, 2013 at 11:10 AM ET Like many exhausted...

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Trying to fit it all in

I'm a mom aged 42 and have two kids 7 and 12, and have been a single mom over the last 5 years, after a messy divorce and a drink problem, I ,have over the last 4 years have...


5yr old still poops in pants.

I have a five yr old who is potty trained but refuses to go poop when he is around other kids. How do I put an end to this because he starts school in two weeks.


could use some advise?

ok here it is! about three years ago. some girl said that my husbend slapt with here. but i know my husbend didn't cause the time she said it happend he was with me cause we...

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Mother-in-laws living with you.

Ok so my husband and I have been married for only 14 months with a son who is almost 8 months old. She is one of those mothers who couldn't wait to have a grandchild. Now that...

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im a 19 year old stay at home mom with a 7 month old daughter. i dont hang out with friends and i dont go out. i am positive that i am ready for one more baby but my...



my son is almost 7 months, and i was just wondering what kind of routines(bedtime ect) you do? at this point should he be having the same time naps?


Love to paint

Where or how can I make the time with a very busy 19 month old and work?

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my 4 year old wont go to bed!.

if he does go to bed he comes out with excuses such as he is hungry, thirsty, scared not tired etc. I have tried leaving him to be the only awake in a dark house, the continual...


child # 2?? undecided...

I have a 3 year old son, and I'm trying to decide if I want another and when. Do you have any advice or any opinions about having a second child and how long (or not long) to...

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