Binkys and Breastfeeding

My son is 10 weeks old and I just introduced the binky to him. Last night he would scream every time his binky fell out and he did not eat from around 5pm to 1am. That is a...


What is fair?

The question I have for you ladies is what do you think is a fair custody agreement when you live 18 hours from the other parent? Our family is moving due to my husband being in...

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There are so many misconceptions about foremilk/hindmilk. I see many posts saying that "You must nurse for x amount of minutes to get the hindmilk" when this is not true.....

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Baby is here! Birth story...

I had a doctor's appointment Friday morning. Everything looked good, but I sheduled an induction for Wednesday because my dr didn't want me going past 41 weeks. Well at about...

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Play Of Her Own

i am trying to get my 7mth old daughter play n sleep of her own , but she keep crying all the time which makes me really cranky , she dosent let me go 2 loo , go out to do my...


should i be held guilty for this?

so my 4 yr old is adhd and has been getting really defiant lately to the point that i have to have someone her to help me. i was reading about ODD and the symptoms of it and...


Always an unhappy toddler..

Hello everybody! I am a mom to 21 month old daughter.. And i m feeling really desperate because my daughter's all time crankiness is driving me crazy.. she wants me to be with...


Our Birth Story!!

Isabella Lena Jo Wilson’s Birth Story For nearly 2 weeks leading up to Isabella’s birth, I had been contracting on a regular basis. It was painful and annoying. They would...


A little worried, wdyt?

Okay for the first time I find myself tired out by nursing. Don't get me wrong, I love it. But with my practicum this semester my schedule is HELL because I have to go home to...


Feeding a child food

Just wondering if there is anyone out there that has a child that sneezes food out of his/her nose with the cleft palate and could use some advice on how to go about feeding my...


Hello and info

So ladies, I am excited about how many ladies we have welcomed into our little group here. I want to give the ladies that are WAHMS a chance to post diaper related links...


Nursing toddlers

My youngest daughter just turned two in December and I'm still nursing her. I have heard all kinds of "advice" telling me she should be weaned by this age. She eats a balanced...


Is my teenager in trouble?

Hi ladies. My daughter (almost 19) is starting to show some behaviors that are making me wonder if she isn't falling into the "family curse" of alcoholism. I'm really trying...

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