My Daughter Is A Cyberbully!?

My daughters been on circle of moms before once about her concerns about a certain girl. It turns out that they werent concerns. she is bullying her through internet and real...


Over protective of my 7 yr old

I have realized that I am way over protective of my son who is 7 and realizing the harmful affects that could have in a child, I am not sure if its too late to fix :-( I don't...


how to get my son to go to sleep.

m son is eleven months old and im not afraid to admit that I have spoiled him alot when he was first born. I mean i held him all the time i even let him fall asleep on my chest...



hello all mothers! Isn't it an exciting time in our lives?! Everytime I turn around my son (16 m.) is doing something new. Good or bad! He is such a joy in our lives. We are...



Hi All, I'm new to the Circle of Mom's. I'm due Dec 29th, I'm at home on bedrest since I was 26w 5d. I'm just approaching 34 weeks. I'm a nurse, and currently in school...


On bedrest

I'm on bedrest for the duration of my pregnancy and I have a 4 year old who wants me to get him something EVERY 5 mins!! Anyone else dealing with this??


Potty training

What type of schedule should I be on for Logan to start going on the potty. I want to get some training pants, but don't know how well they work.

Started by Andrea on 12/01/2008 in Toddler Moms

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Barksdale AFB, any thoughts?

Hey there. We just found out our next assignment is to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana. Not really sure how to feel. My brother was stationed at the Army base in LA and said that...


Anybody else going through this?

I have been doing EC with my daughter since she was 3 months old, she is now 5 months old. Last month I tried going completely diaper free at home and at others houses that I...

Started by Kiyomi on 01/09/2009 in Diaper Free Moms

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28 and on baby#1 -)

Hello! i'm 28 years old (i thought i would be on my second bundle of joy but only on #1)... in my third trimester (oh how time has gone by!!) and ready to meet my little man or...


Potty Training my almost 3yr little girl

Has any one else had trouble??? Both my husband and I work full time so Zoey is in daycare until 4:30 but some weeks she does really well and uses very little pull-ups but on...