baby sickness

my baby have weak imune system,she have cough and cold almost 3weeks and after one 1week she have cold and cough again with fever.ped,give her a lot of medecine but shes not...


Activity overload for my only child

My only child is now 7 years old and I find myself overloading activities to keep her around other children her age outside of the school environment. She loves all of the...


How to talk to your kids anout Sex

I have a 11yr old and a 8 yr old now my 11th yr old is a 5 grader and school whants to talk about sex how do i talk to him from cristian perspective thanks

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Vegan living.

I am a vegan who also try`s to eat as natural as possible. I find it hard to be confident with my decisions sometimes when it comes to food because of family members and...


This site...

and some of the people on it are enough to drive me mad! I've been on COM for about 2 years now... I deactivated my other account around June this year and started a new...



Hi there, I'm a single mum to a four year old boy and have just moved to England. My son's father lives approximately 2 hours away from us. I'm having an issue with him at...

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Introducing Myself

Hello Everyone! My name is Maria. I'm a proud wife and the mother of 2 boys. Jack (almost 3) and Ben (1). My Dh and I just found out that Jack is Autistic. He was diagnosed with...


Almost 1!!!

My son will be 1 on the 10th. I tear up thinking about it all the time lol. He's our 1st & it took us 8 long yrs to have him, we got artificially inseminated with him. I know...

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3 year old's screaming

Help, my 3 year old thinks its okay to express herself by screaming and yelling over everything. This has been going on for a year now and there is no getting better. I have...

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Lets get to know one another!

Hello ladies, Im Stacie, i am 26, i have 3 children of my own, girl of 7, boy of 3 and girl of 1. I also am stepmom to a girl of 13 who now lives with us. Whats your stories? x

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How do you get your teenager to study

My 15yr old daughter is sitting her junior cert in june, but hates studying. She says we are picking on her when we ask her to study, i have tried to explain to her several...

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