Sorry.. it's a longish rant. =)

I'm glad this group was started! My in-laws are definitely crazy! Well to start with MIL is an alcoholic, has been since my hubby was a small kid, my FIL is a psycho but is on...


We Just Found Out

We have a 4 year old son who was just diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is a relief to finally have a handle on what is going on with him. In theory, it will help us...


I really need help with my 16 yr old son

My son has had diabetes since the age of 7 yrs old. He will turn 17 on Oct.31st and he refuses to take care of his health. And since he is not 18 well I get the blame for it. He...

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My kids are draining away my life

My first post and I need to confess. I am not a mom. I am a dad. There just aren't forums like this for men (at least none that I have found). It is just not what men do....

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Im sitting here and I had to say this our loud for everyone to hear, and you know what I may be wrong so tell me if I am. When did it become normal for women to sit at home and...


Writing a letter to childs daycare

I need to write a letter to my childs daycare with specific expectations. My daughter has been sick because they do not dress her properly. They take her outside when she has a...

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Spanking, 2

Well I had a few questions for pro spanking moms but the thread was closed so I'll ask here! I wonder, would you spanking moms be ok with other people spanking your child?...



My daughter will be 4 in May. And ever since she was born she hates to wash her hair or even take a bath. I can get her to wash her hair out of the bath in the sink, but not...


Young step mother needing advice

Hi i am a step mother of a 5 year old little boy. I am having such an awful time trying to figure out what my role in his life should b. It is causing such a problem with my...


all these stories are like mine... (very long)

I have a SS who's 13 going on 14.. It has been a NIGHTMARE from the beginning and I should have seen it.. the first time i saw his biomom she saw me in the car and yanked my SS...

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