I have a little boy who is 2 1/2 and alittle girl whois 1 and 3 months and they still dont sleep through the night i need help

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3 year age diff btwn siblings

so its summertime and its been super hot outside (90s). its too hot for the baby to go outside. we have absolutely no trees on the property so no shade. camille wants to go to...

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Night Terrors

For the past 5 nights my 13 month old has woken up hysterically screaming, thrashing, tearing at his clothes, arching his back and pushing with his legs until his neck is way...



I am 30 weeks-and the gave me a test for FFN and it came back positive which means that my baby will be born within 4 to 6 weeks!! Anybody been through this and can give me...

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food ideas for 15 month old

hello moms! i need ideas for good healthy food ideas to feed my 15 month old. He has only 2 bottom teeth. any ideas or recipes would be wonderful or websites to check out.


4 month old won't take a nap

My 4 moth old daughter doesn't stay asleep when I lay her down for a nap. She will obviously be sleepy, and I will hold her until she falls asleep, and lay her down, and she...

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Bed Time

So my one year old daughter came back from a month long trip at my moms house yesterday ( I live in missouri and she lives in nebraska). It was a great break, everyone had a...


Attempting relactation after 6 months?

I am attempting to relactate 6 months after drying up and am wondering if there's ANYONE out there who has successfully done this? She's 8 months old now and I quit...

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My son is 9 1/2 y.o., he was diagnosed with ADHD years ago and since then I have learned that these children are more sensitive and intelligent than the average kid. I also...


unexpected turn of events

Andy called today when i was at work. For some reason he couldn't hear me on my cell phone so he called my Mom when I normally go for lunch. All he told her was that he is...

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Light, pink blood at 9 weeks

I'm very scared at the moment. I'm a first time mom and experienced very light, pink blood this evening and I'm so scared it could mean I'm losing my baby :(


New and in ned of help/suggestions

I'm the proud mother of an awesome 10yr old daughter, we were wrongfully evicted 3yrs ago and haven't been able to find a place(we're legally homeless) so, we've been staying...


My Baby girl, Amanda Rae

I am brand new to this mom thing-on November 26, 2008, I became a mom for the first time to Amanda Rae. She was born at 24 weeks gestation, 15 weeks early due to me having...

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