Still doesn't sleep through night

My son has been eating cereal and veggies and fruit since he was about 3 months old (maybe a bit older). He still does not sleep through the night and I don't know what to do....

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How do i get my daughters dad to understand

How do i get my daughters dad to understand that going to her practices and games and anything else she does is very important to her? Also, how do i explain why he doesn't go...

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Their own room/bed.

Hi, I was just wondering at what ages your twins went into seperate cots and they're own rooms. My twins are 6 months just and are still in my room even though my OH wants them...

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Confused need advice

Hello Everyone I need some advice im a single parent with two kids ages 6 and 4 I live in Boston which i hate , i dont like the school systems and theres not much to do with...


Should my SD go see her BM?

We have primary custody, and BM has visitation rights, the times and dates are really up to us. My step daughter is 8 years old. Her BM is the perfect example of white trash...

Started by Anastasia on 06/29/2012 in Step Parenting

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Double Birth Order: Is it possible?

Ok, the other day my mom and I were talking about my son. We were discussing challenges related to raising boys and dealing with childhood "stages" in development and my son's...


18 month old to have surgery

hey there my daughter is 18 months old and has severe sleep apnea she also refuses the cpap machine i have tried so many ways to keep it on but i couldnt do it so i am seeing 2...

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Male/Female Sleepover Opinions

I'm Sam and I'm a 15 year old girl and a sophomore in high school. I have a friend who is a guy. All we have between each other is friendship. He comes over every once in a...


any could tell me the signs for ADHD plz?

she gets very hyper on sweet and crisps and not a very good sleeper alway up till bout 11 12 oclock after getin up at 7-8 never seem tired she hitts out and me when she gets...

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My son, now 8, has recently decided to start lying. No major lies however I'm not sure how to stop it. We tried grounding him & taking things away but he doesn't seem to really...

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What can I do about temper tatums?

my daughter seems to have already entered the terrible twos! She's only 19 months old and will through tempers tatums that aree so bad she will bang her head on the floor. She...

Started by Robin on 02/19/2010 in Toddlers

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Is anyone pregnant again yet?

http://darkdarkdarkprincess@hotmail.com im 8weeks with a 8month daughter and im 18... im very much liking the idea of adotion because my mum is not allowing me to have another...

Started by Michaela on 01/11/2011 in April 2010 Babies!

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