weight loss

hi, im 22 and gave birth to my son on march 1 by c-section. i weigh as much as i did then. do you have any tips to help me lose the weight. i have a bad back and knee problems...

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Lack of sleep Or hangover???

I say i was tired but hubby swears hung over what do you think?? Last weekend I had a girls night at a friends house and had a number of drinks ( can't tell the number I ran out...

Started by Sal on 11/27/2011 in Debating Mums!

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need encouragement

Hi! I'm homeschooling my 12 yr. old daughter for the 2nd. year. More out of necessity. We moved to the Dominican 1 1/2 yrs. ago as missionaries. I have 2 sons back in NJ. 26 and...


New SAHM needs a little help!

I have recently left my job to stay home with my boys. Since I've been home, my 4 year old is SUPER attached to me. I've worked his entire life up until now so I'm hoping it's...


Help please..has anyone not done preschool?

Hi, I have a son who turns 4 this July. We have looked at preschool/kindergartens in our area and haven't found any we think are good (not the best area). He is also 'different'...

Started by Anika on 06/08/2013 in Homeschool Moms

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Hello~ I am the mother of a deaf daughter and I have been hearing all of my life. My journey has taught me so much respect for the deaf communuty thus far. The challenges I...


Love to paint

Where or how can I make the time with a very busy 19 month old and work?

Started by Stephanie on 11/25/2008 in Creative Moms

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Hi everyone. My name is Jessica and i am a single mother living at home with my mom and dad. i only work 2 days a week, so the income aint so great. My son is 4 years old and he...


Out and About

I am just wondering if anyone has an advise for me about being out and having to change a diaper. Is there something that I could put in my diaper bag that would hold a dirty...


Bed time is all of a sudden HORRIBLE! ?????

My daughter is now all of a sudden throwing the biggest fits at bed time and not sleeping through the night. Bed time is down to a ritual for Bridget and her older brother. Now...

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I am getting ready to go back to work and so I am having to pump and teach my baby how to eat from a bottle. I put 4 oz in a bottle because I'm not sure how much he drinks. He...

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Grease (not hot) on foot

Ok first off, I dont want any hateful remarks at all on here, I posted this same question on Yahoo Answers and every one got hateful, funny thing was, the people that were ill...