3 yr. old attitude??

Hi Everyone.. Im really new to Circle of Moms, but recently my husband and I have been talking about how best to deal with our daughter.. Lauren will be 3 in September, and...

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So my daughter cries at her last diaper change which is usually like 15 to 20 min before bed time. This is when I change her into her PJ's. She cries and screams and squirms...

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Why do I hate my autistic child ?

My oldest child (8) has a mild case of autism he was diagnosed at 4 since then my life has been a nightmare with him. He's hyper, throws chaotic fits, spits, hits & breaks...

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Stepkids don't like me :(

Hi, I am a 35 yr old mother of 3 beautiful children. About 2 yrs ago I met this wonderful man. When I met my boyfriend, he was living separated from his x. His got 2 children,...


About to Strangle My 12yr old

I don't now how to make her appreciate what I do for her or to understand that I could be a Evil SM but I'm not. Everytime her BioMom stands her up she gets upset with me.realy...

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I discovered at 39 that I was expecting. I cried uncontrollably for hours. Good news is that my little man is the joy of my life along with his 10 year old sister. Now I'm 40...


sad boy

my son woke up this morning and started crying that he would be the only kid at thanksgiving dinner. being lesbian moms we just don't have many good friends with kids. so far he...



I am so happy to let you all know that I talked to my mom recently about taking my son back.And she has agreed to let him stay w me this summer....ALL summer, and then see how...


17 year old son with anger issues.... help

My 16 year old son gets upset very easily, the littlest thing sets him off... he will throw things, break things, punches the walls, etc., plus he is so disrespectful to me, he...

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New here.

Hi there everyone! I did not join this group because my son has CF but I joined it because I have CF. I was being evaluated for double lung and liver transplants when I found...


Anyone loosing their mind?

Having 2 babies just 21 months apart, with no family or friends to help, is a challenge... my son is 2.5 yo and my daughter 7 months. I have a 1 year mat leave (thanks canada),...


Really needing support!

I am a mother of two perfect boys. I love them more then anything. And like most moms would do anything for them! I just found out we are expecting our third child. I'm due...


How well does your 3 1/2 year old talk???

My 3 1/2 year old son is talking in broken sentences at best. Not all of his words are pronounced exactly right and you have to guess at what he's saying alot of times. He's...

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autism and aspergers

i have 3 children with autism and aspergers.....the eldest being nearly 21...when little was known of the condition..then a 17 year old with severe autism and behavoural issues...