Modified Bedrest?!

Hi Im 27 weeks pregnant, was diagnosed with subchorionic bleed at 8 weeks on bed rest 7 weeks on and off. Then after that had healed (18 weeks). I went into early labor at 20...

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Suggestions for Raising my Teenage Sister?

Hi ladies! I'm new to this group, nice to meet y'all... and yes, before you ask...I am from the South LOL :) I'm writing to ask for advice. I am 28, rounding the corner to...

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Im a mother of two children, 5 and 3. i am 43 yrs and started over with a guy that said he wanted to have children. then when it really came down to it. he didnt want the...

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Depression after split with childs father

I am a senior in college and a mother to a 2 month old. Her father and I were together going on 3 years and he dumped me shortly after I gave birth. He says that for the past...

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Momma's Girl - Daddy Won't Do

Hi all, My DD is now 23 months old. I'm also expecting baby #2 at the end of November. So the problem is that DD still wants nothing to do with her father when I'm...

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blues or what?

I have a 2 1/2-year-old son, a 9 month old son, and I'm 16 weeks pregnant. Is it possible that I'm starting to suffer from PPD? Or could it just be that I'm stressing this new...


How to make the big split?

I have been with the same guy for almost 6 years now. Last year we had a baby girl. After she ws born I seen a bad change in the dad. He didn't like the baby when it screamed in...


3 1/2 year old refuses to learn

Hi , I have a step daughter name Saphyre . She can say her name , tell me when her baby brother spit up , popped or anything. She tells me when the movie is off , when she...


Am I nuts doing her wash

Ok my "freshman" daughter comes home last friday my house looks like it threw up!! And I am doing her wash and picking up after her. She has done this on her own, so why????? Am...

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Are you nervous?

I have a 19 month old son and am 15 weeks pregnant with our second and last (as far as we plan lol) child. I'm very nervous about adding another child to our family. I have...


hearing and talking

Hi there, My two year old hardly talks at all. He does probably say about 20-25words in total but he would rather point to thinks or take you to what he wants. I try not to do...


Newly diagnosed 2 yr old

Hello, My 2 yr old son just got diagnosed with moderate hearing loss in his right ear and moderate/severe hearing loss in his left ear. He has a few more tests and dr. apts....



I decided to start this community after not finding one that seemed to offer the support I want (need) this pregnancy. There are lots of groups for wonderful perfect...


Angry,frustrated,lonely and FED UP

Hi I have been so stressed out lately it's not even funny. Me and my boyfriend (kids father) have been together almost 6 yrs and we always managed to get through our hard times....