my story

i lost my baby due to miscarriage on january 26th. i woke up @6:30 am in labor intense pain and spotting blood. i called everyone that i knew, and my friend Darwin...


who can take their child to the bathrrom?

I have a 3 1/2 and we be out and she have to potty. I be with my husband, so i go in take her to the girls bathroom. but when it is just my husband and her going to town she...

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Tummy Time?

My twins are 14 weeks old and I have been reading about the importance of tummy time. They will play for a while on their backs on a blanket or play mat. Whenever I give them...

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the binky???

i have a 2 year old and i was going to ask what do i d about him and his binky..It is like his lifelline.....


What is the best way to put your baby to bed?

I have ever so many parenting books and of course they can not agree. What do you think, should your baby learn to go to sleep on his own from infancy, crying himself to sleep...

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Wives in or going to Germany??

Interested in meeting some army wives with children that are going to Germany it are already there.. I will be going to Ansbach in February with my 3month yr old . My Hubby left...


What can we do ?

My hubby has a 10 yr old daughter from a previous relationship. Her mom is awful my hubby never gets to see her on his weekends. Atty general orders state we should get her...

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sleep trouble

Cameron is a 10 month old baby who cannot sleep through the night. He falls asleep no problem with lullaby music. About an hour after drifting off he wakes up screaming! He will...


Eating during the night

My child doesn't have a bottle during the day time but will have one before bedtime and (2) during the night (sometimes 3). She still wakes every 3-4 hours to eat. Everyone I...


First Disney trip

So we have booked our very first Disney trip for March 2-9 of this year. It will be myself, my husband, a 5 year old and my little guy will turn 3 in Disney! I'm looking for any...

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I think I made this community to where you can invite your own friends, so please feel free to do that. Anyone is welcome. I know most of us know each other pretty well, but...

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