Reflux woes...

My son is now a month old and he has reflux. I really don't understand much about it but I have put myself on a milder diet and cut out milk completly. He still vomits at least...

Started by Kathryn on 01/21/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

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17 with a baby 19 months old need help

I had my daughter at 15 me and her father was not together when it happened, but he was there for me and her throughout my entire pregnancy. When my little girl was 3 months old...


Potty Training A girl !

I Am trying To potty Train my 11/2 Daughter and i need some tips on how to do it. She holds it until after i take her off the potty and then she goes what should i do ?????

Started by Shylo on 10/21/2009 in Potty Training

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My 3 year old is seeing things...

I usually don't ask for opinions a lot but lately, strange things have been happening with my 3 year old son. It first started when he mentioned someone named Michael. Normally,...


Getting him to sleep on his own

Hi. I'm not sure what's going on with my 2yo. He has been in a junior bed for 3 months now and everything was OK (not great, but OK). Now, he wont sleep through the night...


Just ranting

I am sick and tired of my "spouse" my ex spouse thinking that being a stay at home mom is a piece of cake! I am so offended that my "spouse" would make a comment about me not...

Started by Stephanie on 08/16/2009 in Moms Under 30

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question for you...

I am not a teen mom, but I am a doula in the edmonton, alberta area. I am wanting to know if any of you used a doula for your birth and what was your experience like? I am...


my first solo plane trip

I'm going to California next week to visit my husband at 29 Palms. Any suggestion on how to handle a teething, nosey and very active five month old on a plane? After that, what...


Nipple shield

At the hospital the nurses gave me a nipple shield to use to feed my baby girl because she wouldn't latch well.. Now (3 weeks later) she won't latch without it and she doesn't...

Started by Callie on 01/11/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Help, 11 month old with ecezma.

My little Zachary was just diagnosed with ecezma. 1 web site says 1 thing and a nother says another thing. 1 says stay away from bathing unless needed and 1 says 10 min bath...



hello my 8 week old daughter wont sleep at night but sleeps all day iv tryed keepin her awake but as soon as my backs turnt shes asleep she doesnt even wake up for bottles in...

Started by Beckie on 10/15/2010 in Babies And Infants

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Help am I replacing my child's real father !!!???

My ex husband and I have been separated for about 8 months now we have been together for 7 years and married for 3 of them I have out daughter who is almost 4 full time he sees...

Started by Mary on 03/26/2012 in Single Moms

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Sleeping in own crib and not with me....

Hi all! I recently moved out on my own do to a break-up with my daughters father. Me and my daughter share a room and her crib is right next to my bed. I started having her...

Started by Sarah on 02/28/2009 in Single Moms

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Hi, I'm Stephaie, and I have Kjer's Congenital Optic Atrophy. Back in teh day, a zillion years ago, I was one of teh first blind children in teh US to go to the public schools,...


need some help

hello mom's I am opening up a daycare nedd help coming up with a name any ideas please

Started by Therese on 04/27/2010 in Kids Over 10

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Hi all, I am new to this whole facebook Circle of Moms application and I would just like to say hi and thanks for inviting me to your group. I have a wonderful daughter Kaitlyn...

Started by Karen on 12/02/2008 in March 2007 Babies

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