6 month old new sleep problem

she has been a pretty easy sleeper until about a week ago .i am a single mom so i am the only one who gets up with her, She would fuss in the night but usually replacing the...


What to do about tantrums

My 18 mth old daughter throws tantrums all the time over things little things like a toy wont do what she wants it to do, or sometimes they just come out of no where and she...


How to be a referee without taking sides

Combining households in a second marriage is hard but mixing and accepting new personalities and habits has been our achilles heel. Being a problem solver by nature, I find...

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I am terrified!!!!!!

I am 23 and I have a four-year old daughter who has been the number one in my life since she was born. I am currently on bedrest for baby #2 (a boy) with a much better man than...


Wedding dilemma

I am going to try to be brief. I have 5 children (one son who is 21 and 4 daughters who are 18, almost 16, 13 and 8) and my husband has one daughter who is 17. His daughter...



Hey, So I am a 18 and pregnant. I am all alone. my mom kicked me out. && the babys father was told by his parents not to say a word to me until the baby is born and a paternity...


Weining my child off the bottle

I tried this numerous times now going to bed with sippy cups and she cried till dooms day. What I usually have done is take a couple bottles of milk to bed as that is her...

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Good morning moms, need some help with how to approach a work situation. You see I am looking to telecommute 3 days a week and work at the office 2 days a week, due to the long...

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i need help please

I have a 2 month old and my husband just got home from deployment and he is being a dick to me it seems like i cant do anything right since he has been home he doesn't like how...


Tough Love? at 21yrs old? Help Me!

I thought I asked this but can't find the question, LOL! so I will do it again! My son, 21 is getting out of jail again the 5th of June, I know he is going to want my help. I...



I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but this last week in our county we had a deputy sheriff who passed away from injuries sustained from a car accident while on duty....


Dating Afterwards....

So, ever since i left my daughter's father i have chosen to stay single, and for some reason i have no desire to find a new man of any sorts. All my friends, even my mother,...


To healthy?

http://www.parentdish.com/2010/03/03/orthorexia-healthy-eating-disorder/ When he was eight years old, Greye Dunn worried about calories and vitamins, and had a fear of sodium....

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SD Horrible Grades! How Can We Help?

My step daughter is 10 and has Horrible grades this year. 2 C's, 2 D's, an E, and even an F! She has never had any problems until this year. The teacher told us at the teachers...

Started by Tammy on 11/05/2010 in Step Moms

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