daughter abdominal pain

My four year old daughter often complains of abdominal problems.I've taken her to the ER three times because she had blood in her stool but they could never find the cause. They...


A hard working mom

I'm a single mom works 2 jobs and fulltime .. It's really hard not getting help from his father.. Any suggestions that can keep me positive ?? Thanks

Started by Sheila on 08/02/2013 in Working Moms

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Food Strike!

My son has recently gone on a food strike, he doesn't want to eat much of anything. Has anyone else had this problem yet? Also, he is really small like not even in the 5th...


Fish out of water

You know, I used to be the person that everyone came to for baby advice. Pregnancy tips, lol, I had them all. Even though I only have one child, I felt confident that I knew...



Hello, just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Rachel and my baby was born on the 14th of March 2009. He was 2 weeks early and my first baby. We are both doing great,...

Started by Rachel on 05/24/2009 in March 2009 Babies

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Lotion Crazy!!!!!

My 4 year old is crazy about lotion, he puts it everywhere! Walls, floor, his fish tank.... He is a good child, but this is one area that he does NOT listen. We have hidden all...


hi new to the community

Hi my name is Dezireh. i'm new mother . i have one child . he was born march 17th 2009. his name is Elijah. i love my baby so much. i don't know what i will do without him. mhmm...

Started by DEZIREH on 08/08/2009 in March 2009 Babies

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identical twins

I am 11wks pregnant and just found out on Friday (9/11) through performing an CVS test that I am having TWINS (identical to be exact). Has any one else gotten the surprise of...

Started by Shulena on 09/12/2009 in March 2010 Babies

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whats the best way to deal with my one year old teething, he is eatting very little, cranky and waking alot at night. He also will not chew on a teething ring


Breast to bottle?!?! Help!!!

Help!!!! Anyone have any advice for getting baby to take a bottle after nursing for three months?

Started by Jessica on 04/14/2010 in Working Moms

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Comical a 4 yo's view of BF

I was at my parent's house nursing my baby in the livingroom. I am blessed to be from a very pro bf family and even the guys don't bat an eye. My 4 yo nephew walked into the...

Started by Amanda on 05/14/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Getting Induced Tomorrow

So, I went to the Dr on Thursday and I''m 4 centimeters and 60% effaced. Since I tested positive for the Strep B, my Dr opted for me to be induced on Monday so I have ample...


Micro Preemie 1st Birthday

Born at just 24 weeks little Jahaile is doing great Happy as can be. So excited my little one is about to have his first birthday!!! But when I look at him he is so tiny not...

Started by Trenecieya on 11/16/2013 in Moms Of Preemies

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