hello im a a 22 year old mother of a three year old and one on the way. im due and im exhausted is there any helpful info that could trigger me to go into labor immediately


Hi everyone!

I have three kids a 6 year old daughter and Twin 15 month old boys! Twins arent as hard as some think and then other times i find myself pulling my hair out!!! I just take it...



how do I get my 10 year old to be easier to get along with

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Hi, I'm nere here to this board, but buy now, it really looks like I'll enjoy it. I'm really looking forward to meeting you. My n ame is Tracey, I have 2 boys. Jacob, who is...


** Thanks for the invite**

Obviously I'm new at this whole Circle of Moms thing! BTW my name is Kendra I am 22, I have a 4 year old daughter that will be 5 March 16th and I have a baby boy that just...


What pram to buy?

I have a 2 year old and another baby due in 4 weeks. Can anyone suggest the best type of pram to carry a toddler and newborn without spending a fortune. thanks


Looking to start a new Social life.

Hey i'm new to this and came across this site and though I would check it out. I have a 3 year old and a new baby coming next week. I'm just coming out of a relationship and...


How can I make my toddler stop lying?

Suddenly, my 3 year old has been lying about the silliest things. The other day he told me he was stung by a bee and when I asked where he mumbled a bit and then said he was...

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how can i stop biting...

I have a 6 year old who bit her 2 year old sister for the 3rd time. The second time she left bad marks on her face... this time wasnt any marks... When asked why she did it, it...

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I am a recently single mother to a two year old. Was in my last relationship for nearly 15 years. Had a baby and everything changed. My ex says he loves me but is not IN LOVE...

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Psoriasis and Exzema

i have psoriasis and my boyfriend has exzema and we are so worried that our little girl will end up with one of the two. if she does i dont know how im going to help her deal...


little exhibitionist

Ladies, I need a bit of advice. In short, I was out at a restaurant and my 3month old got hungry so we got into position. It was our first time nursing in full public, we've...

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Premi Born in Sept-Milestones

Our son Ryker came into the work 6 weeks early on Sept 14. I feer he is behind, he can't even sit on his own yet. He has really bad reflux and has had a hard start with weight...


Breastfeeding and cereal.

I have a 19 week old baby girl and have been breastfeeding about every 3-5 hours. After every feed she pukes up 2-4 oz but is 17 pounds and was 6.13 when she was born Jan.7.10...

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Has anyone started to "nest"?

And what types of things did you do? I have been on a 3 day long cleaning and organizing spree.. organizing things that I would have never thought needed to be organized. Also...


Jewish Mom in Israel

Hi, I'm 36, expecting my 3rd and we live in Israel. I have 2 girls ages 12 and 4. My husband is British and it is a second marriage for both of us. I like to correspond...

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Psyched about homeschooling!

Hey everybody! I have a 2 1/2 year old boy and a 3 1/4 year old girl and I'm pepped up and excited about homeschooling them! I'm not exactly sure where to start, but I guess...

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Mother of 3

Hello everyone, I am new to the Cirlcle of Moms, but joined the community to maybe get some answers or help or even just to realize that I am not the only one dealing with an...