My daughter is 9 years old and she attends a pretty small Catholic School. She is a straight A student, but yet I have to hound her about homework and the importance of being...



My 9-year-old, Alexis, has always aced her EOG's (End of Grade Testing). She got a 94% on the practice test on Thursday. However, my little perfectionist is so stressed out...


no heart

I need help with my 11year old girl she doesn't care about anything but her grades in school age listens to nothing I say or cares when I am histerically crying because of her...

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Special words for special places.

Don't know how else to put it! Lol. Well, when I was teaching my daughter how to shower, I didn't know what to call her private parts so I just said "Wash your boo-boo." Lol,...

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My 22 month old daughter yells all the time she is so loud is there any advice out there that could help me to help her not be so loud. she can hear us just fine she is just...

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Bottle trouble.

I don't want to do formula. I love nursing my little girl. She's a bit over three months old - the age my LC said was good to introduce bottle to avoid nipple confusion. It's...


Intellectually Disabled Son

Does anyone know how doctors figure out how far a child with Intellectual Disbility will mature to. Mentally, maturity, academically? My son is 8, his I.Q. is 65, He has had...


The pain of labour

Hi I had my first baby - Mason on the 4th Feb 2010, he was 9 days overdue and i was 3 days in slow labor. It started monday morning, and i went to the hospital on monday night...


Any help???

My son, Kurt, is almost 3 and my husband (his father) and I have split for good this time. We had a volatile relationship and were back and forth for 3 years before this last...


New here

Hello we're new to homeschooling. Our son goes to part time pre-school and we are wanting to homeschool part time


dad's wife or step-mom??

My husband and I have 1son and he has 4 sons and 2-step-kids from his previous relationships. Two of his sons teenagers are supposed to live with shortly but my husband told me...


Am I not doing the right thing?

My sons father and I were together for 2 years. And I left January this year trying to make a better life for my son who wasn't born yet. Some reason I feel I did the wrong...

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Mom has seperation anxiety

My son is six months old.I am a single momand work from home.I love being with my baby he's very calm and happy,I even miss him when he sleeps!I have yet to leave him!I even...

Started by Jill on 12/30/2008 in Stay At Home Moms

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