Vacation Ideas?

I had three babies in four years. This summer my children will be 6, 3, and 2. We haven't left the state for almost five years and I'm dying to take a trip with my children...


New community "Custody Issues"

There is a new community here on Circle of Moms called "Custody Issues". It is meant to be helpful to anyone who is, has, or will be going through any process involving child...

Started by Angela on 08/08/2009 in Divorced Moms

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Working through verbal apraxia

Hello, my daughter is almost 5, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 14 mths, and autism and verbal apraxia at 21/2. She is enrolled in a great school that offers ABA, we...


Almost breaking out of crib!

Hi - I have an almost 2 year old in March and she's close to breaking out of her crib. She sits on the gate and screams for us to come get her down. Now what? Do I let her...


Power struggle

Does anyone else have to tell their 3 yr old to pick up their toys for ...3 HRS...until finally having to practically scream at them to do it? Or is it just me?

Started by Alicia on 01/13/2010 in Moms Over 40

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wrinkly stretch marks!

hey girls! i got to 40 weeks pregnant with no stretch marks. then in the 6 days i was overdue they were like BAM! so i was gutted! they are under my tummy button and are very...


22 and no friends

hi my name is dianne (dee) i have 2 girls one is 21 months and the other is 5 months. since i became a mum my friends all left and honestly it would be nice to have at least one...


Hi. New Here.

Well, I think I am still in shape for being 21+ wks preggo. I used NS, nutrisystem, (and exercise 3 days running 1 hr & 3 days lifting) shortly before getting preggo with #3 to...


separarion anxiety

So, my son is about 2 weeks away from being 1 yr old. About a month ago, he woke up from a nap and was magically very clingy. Only Mommy and Daddy will do now, it's nearly...


I need advise on my son entering high school.

I am so nervous and scared about my son entering high school this year. Its open campus and he does not have many friends and I can go on and on. You see he I am proud of him he...

Started by Cathy on 06/18/2009 in Mothers Of Sons

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Jessica Elliott

I am 22 years old. I have two little girls. My oldest daughter is Nevaeh Faithand she was born on May 17 of 2006. My youngest daughter is Madison Nichole and she was born on...

Started by Jessica on 10/16/2008 in Circle Of Moms

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brushing teeth

short of constantly hounding and screaming does any one have suggestions on how to get a 14 year old boy with braces to brush his teeth?

Started by Jana on 12/02/2009 in Moms Over 40

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hi my name is alicia c. whitehead. im 22 years old and i have to 2 beautifuls girls. im a widow for 2 yrs now. its hard being a single parent to the almost 3 and 5 yr girls cuz...

Started by Alicia on 02/13/2010 in March 2007 Babies

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I have a friend who thinks her 7 year old girl might be heading into puberty. What signs should she look for and how to get the little girl ready for this. Please all coments...

Started by NICOLE on 08/25/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Am a stay at home mother and wont to work from home so my three girls can live a good life

Started by Hazel on 04/22/2014 in Money Saving Tips

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