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Child Support

I have been hesitant to post this because I have been reemed on other debate forums because of my views. It has been kind of dead lately and I thought I could juice it up a...

Started by Hannah on 07/14/2010 in Hot Topics

Last update on 07/22/2010 by Danielle


My Husband Cheated... Please Help!

I found out 2 months ago that my husband of 11 years had a 2 year affair that ended 7 months ago. We have 2 young children. The emotions are very confusing... to love and hate...

Started by Pam on 05/14/2013 in Christian Moms

Last update on 05/13/2015 by Georgina


Trapped, don't know what to do anymore

I'm pregnant with my first baby to my Fiance of 2 years, we have had a rocky relationship since day one (moved in quickly, got engaged after a month etc) but we loved eachother...

Started by Kris on 01/07/2011 in Single Moms

Last update on 03/07/2011 by Kari


How do you handle a ex with a new girlfriend?

Ok so I separated from my ex over 3 years ago....all has been good between us until he started dating someone else. Ever since then its been a problem. He is 28 and tries to...

Started by Kaylah on 04/08/2011 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 04/12/2011 by Savona


No Child Support - No Kids!

How do you feel about this? I left my husband of 10 years almost three years ago. When I left my youngest was 2 (still in diapers) and my oldest was 9. We struggled alot the...


Hubby going out?

Okay this is a topic that causes many fights in our house...and I need some help! I am 21 (as of today! : ) ) and my hubby is 22. We have 2 beautiful boys, the oldest will be 2...

Started by Brittany on 03/10/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 04/26/2010 by Tammy


Issues Growing Up?

What things did your parents say/do growing up that you hated as a kid that you would NEVER do to your kids? Lets get creative here and NOT write about spanking. Thanks My...

Started by √v^√v^√♥ on 06/24/2011 in Moms Who Need To Vent

Last update on 07/03/2011 by √v^√v^√♥


birth of your baby

i want to hear other peoples labour as mine was very quick and i dont remember much of mine sorry my story is long but look forward to hearing your birth stories i woke up at 5...

Started by Aimee on 11/02/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 11/16/2010 by Jami


What do you think about Elective Labor Inductions?

I'm wondering what everyone thinks about this topic: How far into a pregnancy should you be induced, and why? Do you believe women should always have the choice? Should it...

Started by Rachel on 03/08/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 03/10/2011 by Toni


Just need a shoulder and advice

I am a single mother of twins (boy/girl) and so far I have done pretty good on my own. Their father, Chris, isnt really around but he is there. I, however, could care less if he...

Started by Erika on 06/02/2010 in Single Moms

Last update on 06/06/2010 by Brittany

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