nap time

My son is 25 months and I am having a problem with his nap time. I try allow him to nap, but if I do he will be awake until midnight. If he doesn't nap, then he will be really...

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I am just wondering if anyone thinks 19 months is too young to bring to Fireworks? I am just not sure we should bring our daughter to see them with the crowds, the smoke, and...


Baby Carriers....any suggestions?

I've got a three week old who's about 7.5lbs and i'm looking for a good-quality yet reasonably priced carrier that's made of breathable material, has lumbar (lower back) support...


Nursing is back!

So my daughter is 23 months old and only about 2 1/2 weeks ago she self weaned. Well we had a TERRIBLE time at the dentist on the 4th- they strapped her down without permission...

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when did you stop???

when did you stop the whole "napping when they nap" thing? my son is 13 months and only takes 1 nap per day and i always say i want to get dishes or house work done but i end up...


my son wont sleep in his own bed...

my son is 19mths and wont go to sleep in his own bed...ive tried and tried and tried,so ive had to resort to him goin sleep in my bed then moving him into his bed..but...

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Babies with colds and congestion

Thought i would share some of the things i has done to help my daughter with her constant congestion for the past 3 months. My lil girl has had bad congestion and a cold since...

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Babies n food

My daughter is 10 months old and she just recently started being picky about what she eats. she rarely wants to eat anything not even her bottle. her dr doesnt seem too...

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My girl has relfux... Help!

She is 5mnths and putting on weight as per normal and is happy and healthy. But some people... grrrr... keep telling me that something is wrong as she shouldnt be like this...

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Visitation HELP!

I live in California and my sons dads keeps bugging me about 50/50 visitation. Right now we do 2 days a week and every other weekend. I don't think its right for a 2 and half...

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waking at night

my son i six months old and basically sleeps through the night( sometimes we have some issues) my question is - is it "normal" to still be nursing/feeding him when and if he...


Crib Transition

Ladies, My son is five months old. He has been sleeping in his crib, for twelve hours a night, since he was two months old. However, he has ALWAYS been rocked to sleep. Most...

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Diffuse Cerebral Atrophy

I had my first baby at 26w5days. He weighed just a little over 2 pounds. Now, 94 days later we are still in the NICU. The only reason we aren't home is because he is having...

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Only sometimes eating off one side?

Ok I am really not geting my son signales here. I am noticing that he does not eat as long as he was. He is one month old today. He was eating 30-40 minits. 15-20 on one...

Started by Havefaith09michaia11 on 04/19/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

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