I just don't know

So, I tried to get a hold of my youngest father and he's not responding back to any of the emails i've sent him. I dont know exactly where he lives, or if hes the actual father...


ADHD and Tics

My son who will be 12 in 2 months has ADHD he has been on addreall for 2 years now, he takes 60 mg throughout the day, we noticed he starting pulling out his eyelashes and his...


Potty Training

I have a 2 year old girl that does not want to be potty trained. My 4 year old girls was potty trained at the age of 2. My question is why does my youngest daughter not want to...

Started by Shannon on 05/03/2009 in Toddlers

Last update on 05/05/2009 by Tisha


Fluid on ear?

About 5 months ago my daughter had a double ear infection. We went back to the doctor for a checkup and her doctor said that on one of her ears there is still fluid and that we...

Started by Ashley on 04/19/2011 in Toddler Moms

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Going back to work

I will be returning to work in 4 weeks and I still plan on breastfeeding my daughter. She will be a year old at that time. I work part time and shift work, 6 day and 8 evening...

Started by Maureen on 03/13/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 03/21/2009 by Jennie


Separation Anxiety

My daughter is 4 months old and I think she has separation anxiety. Sometimes I can't even leave a room and she screams. I can't leave her with anyone.


Down to 1 nap already?

My almost 10 mo old is screaming through his afternoon nap, but I have to wake him up from his morning nap after 2 hrs. I'm thinking he may be done with the afternoon nap - but...

Started by Allison on 06/16/2009 in August 2008 Babies

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Is this guilt normal?

I am currently breastfeeding my 8 month old son. He nurses a few times during the day, and once or twice at night/early morning. I usually offer the same breast during the...

Started by Carmen on 02/17/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Twins milk drinking habits.

My twins will only drink milk through a bottle and nothing else. They are 21 months old and one weighs 26 pounds and the other weighs 18 pounds so they have been put on...

Started by Melissa on 02/24/2010 in Twins

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My son is 5yrs old and was diagnosed with tics at age 2. He has done these movements since he was old enough to move his hands and feet in a circular motion (first seen it at...


Was a teen mom

I was a mom at the age of 17. Being a young mom wasn't easy, but I wouldnt change a thing. It was the best thing that happened to me. Having my boys young probably kept me...



How do you get a 3 year old evaluated for hyperactivity My Doctor told me he needed to be evaluated! The problem is most psychologists in my area won't evaluate him till he is 5...