When is it time to give up baby food?

Logan still loves baby food. I was feeding him the stage three foods and he was fine with that. After his 12month check up, the doctor told me to give him table food instead of...


High Protein Vegetarian Snack ideas?

My 11 year old is a gymnast, with very long practice sessions after long school days. She is trying to be a vegetarian, or at least eat "less meat." We are having trouble...


How do you know they are getting enough?

I know I should watch weight gain...but how else? My baby is 7 months and has been exclusively breastfed since birth. I work, so I pump during the day and nurse at night. She...

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very upset...need to vent!!!

okay so we are scheduled to go to court wednesday to get my husbands name put on his son's birth certificate and get an official custody plan written up. bm has not been...

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My baby boy dosent want to sleep in his bed

My baby boy dosent want to sleep in his bed, hes almost 2 and I dont know how to explain to my husband that its ok to let him cry a little and that we are not that far from his...

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Will Your Toddler Grow up to be a Criminal?

Have an ill-behaved toddler? Researchers say you may want to prepare yourself for jail visits later in life. According to a story in The Telegraph, a new study says children as...

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Solo parenting and loving it!!!

Short story: Dad refused to be part of my son’s life when I became pregnant and we parted ways. Yes, I was scared to death at the beginning, but I was also blessed with the...

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how do you not cry of feel like they hurt your feelings when they shut you out or tell you nothing.


Advocates for O.D.D. kids at school

Does anyone know how to get an advocate for kids in Middle School? My oldest daughter, Emma, is having great difficulties in staying in school. They say it is due to the no...


Time to wean ... or not...

My DH said to me tonight, "I think it's time you weaned ds. Children do not self wean." I know he's getting more independence and needs it less, but no I don't think it's time...


Gov is "Strongly" suggesting getting the H1N1 vacc

Ok got the news on right now and they are talking about how Obama is saying it's right now voluntary on getting the swine flu vacc but they are "strongly" suggesting you get it....

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Im fat!!

Whilst pregnant with my daughter i put on 5 stone..shes now 9months and since i had to stop breast feedin 2months ago i cnt lose anymre weight. I only want to lose a stone but...