I like being an older mum

Hi Im a 50 year old mum with 3 kids aged 29, 15 and 12 they are all lovely kids although like all kids they have their 'moments'. But Im finding it easier being a mum at this...

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Aiden had his 12 month check up. The doctor said he is a little under weight since he was 9lbs 2ozs and at 12 months is only 19lbs 12ozs. He also mentioned that he was very tall...



My son is 8 years old and was diagnosed with neurodegeneration with brain iron accumilation a rare gentic disorder that is eventually going to kill him due to infection or...


Is It the terrible 2's or something else?

I have a 2yr that will be 3 in May. He is always crying and throwing tantrums over everything like when the goes out of sight or he wants chocolate. When throwing his tantrums...

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Fighting Brothers

Hello, I need some help please. I have a 5 and 3 year old boys and the older one is always throwing rocks, chasing or anything mean to his younger brother. This has been in the...


jigsaw clinic any ideas ???

Hi all my 6 year old son has to be assessed for asd adhd very soon. Anyone any ideas what goes on or what they do in these jigsaw clincs? Im so stressed out and nobody is...


I need some advice please help

I have a three year old son and my ex in on the birth certificate but he isn't the father and now he wants shared custody i left him in dec 2010 and he hasn't seen my son in a...


Finding Faith

To cut an extremely long story short, I was born and raised a Catholic, fell away from the Church, tried going to several different religious gatherings (mosque, temple, etc) to...


Homemade Gift Ideas

Hi all, I have a 14 month old daughter and am pregnant with my second to November 13. I am starting to brainstorm birthday and Christmas gift ideas for family, and am not coming...


travelling with the baby

I'm planning on a week visit to washington DC in may for a wedding. What are your experiences with travelling with your baby? Did you buy an extra seat for the baby, or just...


Just venting.

I am being told by family & friends that im never going to wean my daughter or stop breastfeeding. She rarely eats during the day, usually eats at night & still wakes up in the...

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Custody of Child if I Should Pass Away

My son is about to be 4, and I am engaged to a man who is not my sons father. He has been supporting my son and I since my son was 2 years old. His biological dad was just...


Other treatments for ADD???

I am looking for other treatments for ADD. My son is 10 and we don't want to put him on meds. I have tried Attend. It did help a little, but not much. Plus, it is expensive.


Nighttime Weaning and Ending Co-sleeping

My son is 10 months old and continues to wake up to nurse anywhere between 7 and 10 times per night. I know this is not due to hunger but rather a sleep association. I believe...

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Asperger "melt downs"

i would like to share a situation that happened earlier in my home, one so parents know they are not alone in this endeavor to raise aspie kids, two for you to get a look inside...


Type 1 Diabetic & Pregnant (worries)

I have had type one Diabetes for about 8 years now, Before I got pregnant, I was taking 2 injections a day, and 2 glucose tests... my blood sugar was generally normal, and my...

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when will it get easier??

im 19 years old i have an 18 month old son and i am 4 months pregnant. 2 weeks ago my boyfriend left me for another girl. im finding it realy hard to cope. im getting realy...

Started by Kathleen on 08/30/2009 in Single Moms

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