Potty Training

I posted this on another board but am curious if other attached mommas have different suggestions. My son (13 months - a little young I know) is showing a lot of "readiness...


intro and advice

Not really sure how to go about introducing myself and my lil angel, but im gonna try. My name is Erica, and im sixteen years old. I know im young, but im handeling it. Just...


Need HELP? whats the 411 with daycares?

question for all the mommies with kids in daycare. how much time should you give your child to adjust to a new daycare? one week? two weeks? Should a parent stay with their...

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So broken hearted....

Hello, i need some advice. My youngest son has just returned from Afgan. and i am so grateful to God. He has decided to end his marriage. He has a wonderful wife and she is so...

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How to deal with barely there fathers?

I'm recently single. I've been a single mom for about a month now. I am also a stay at home mom. Honestly though throughout my sons whole life I've been his sole caretaker. His...

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Terrible twos?

My daughter seems like she is going backwards. She is misbehaving, refusing to do things i know she knows how to do, and is throwing tantrums for no reason. She was potty...

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Had my first child in july it was a boy

I had my son on the 11th july 2009.My Husband and i were trying for about 6 years with no luck then finally we were told we could not have a baby.A friend suggested we try...

Started by Rachel on 10/22/2009 in July 2009

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playing dead?

I have a 5 1/2 year old that has recently started pretending that he (and his GI Joe's) are shooting people with guns and they are dying. Death has become a recent issue with...

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spacing between children

I was wondering how many kids everyone has and what the spacing is between them. I currently have one but we are trying to decide when to start trying again. Just wanting to see...

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Should I keep trying? Only one.

I currently have a 7 yr old boy whom I love with all my heart. I was a single mom for 3 years before I met the perfect Man for me. Since then He and I have gotten Married and...


Birthday party advice

So my two kids birthdays are six weeks apart. My daugther will be 4 in january and my son will be one in february. They are both too young to have friends of their own so I...

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My DD won't eat food :(

I am a mother of 5 and this is a first for me! My beautiful DD will not eat food and wants to nurse more and more up to every 1 1/2 hrs. through the day! I have tried rice,...

Started by Shelli on 07/25/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Summer School - Camp - Frustration

My child now has to attend summer school from 8:30am to 12:30pm. due to a bad ELA grade. Does anyone have any insight as to how my daughter can enjoy her summer with having to...