Feeding problem

My 1 year old does not eat food heartily it takes at least an hour and half for each meal and this after stuffing him as he does not want to open his mouth . He has to be shown...

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Wont my LO fall out of a bed?

Reading some of the posts on here i know my 2+1/2 yr old should probably be in a 'Big Girl bed' by now, but when i watch her in her cot she's still a 'Proper L'il Wriggler' she...


Potty training SOS!!

I have a boy who turned 3 at the end of August. He is REFUSING to potty train! I have tried candy rewards, special books, 3 different types of potties, praise (of course), big...

Started by Lisa on 10/31/2011 in August 2008 Babies

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Hamilton, Ontario - Any Mom/Children Groups??

Hey there Moms! My fiancee and I with my 5 year old son recently purchased a house in Hamilton on the west mountain. Great neighborhood! I am blessed to be able to stay...

Started by Krista on 01/12/2012 in Moms Under 30

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Is it a tantrum or a fear?

My son is a developmentally challenged 2 1/2 year old. Lately, he has been getting scared at, what my husband and I view are, the strangest things. For example, we tried to...

Started by Jenny on 02/01/2012 in Welcome To Circle Of Moms!!

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How do you transition?

My daughter just turned a year a week ago and the doctor approved finishing whatever formula left and then switch her to whole milk. Grwat right! :) So I mixed formula with mikk...

Started by Sandra on 02/03/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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Let's say hello...

Hey there everyone... My name is Vanessa. I'm a SAHM of two kids. I wanted to start a group for the moms here in Tracy. I'm fairly new to this city so I don't know many people....

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How to lose baby fat?

Okay so my son is almost 11 months and i have been trying to lose my baby fat the giggly hanging part and i cant seem to lose it i have been going on walks almost everyday,...


We get to CHOOSE: Boy or Girl??

My husband and I have two children, both adopted, and we are now planning to adopt a third child. Our son will be 3 years old in December, and our daughter turns 2 a couple of...


Won't keep diaper on...

Help please. My 2 1/2 year old son keeps taking off his diaper and peeing on the floor. I've tried potty training a few times but he has no interest. It's driving me crazy and I...



What do you do if your in-laws just say that your ASD child is just spoiled and he would benefit more from being spanked and sent to his room when having social skill issues. I...



My 5 year old son is being teased by other children at school. He is reluctant to go to school and gets frustrated when I try to talk to him about what is happening. I am not...


Tongue Tic Help!

My son has been scraping the tip of his tongue on the back of his bottom teeth. He has done this so much that he has developed sores, but he says he can't stop. Is there...


first time mom

We need to be up lifting and talk about the future instead of the past


best portable dvd player ?

my son is 2 years old and really loves to watch his bubble guppie dvds and gets quite antsy during car rides so im wanting to buy a portable dvd player for him . Ive been...

Started by Ariel on 07/02/2014 in Toddler Moms

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