Hello! New to Circle of Moms, and this group, obviously! I am also fairly new to blogging! I just wanted to introduce myself and share my URL! I am a work at home mom. I...

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New mom looking for friends

Hi I'm a new mom I have a 1 month old son Jason. I live in Hiram, Georgia and am looking to meet other moms and find things to do around here. My husband and I have been here...



Does anyone elses little boy like to hit their own face and throw them selfs to the ground ?? and how do you handle it.. I try to walk away but at the same time i dont want him...


Naps and breastfeeding

My baby has been falling asleep at the breast for naps and bedtime. She nurses best when tired so I haven't changed this. Now she is starting to wean and I am not sure how to...

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peanut & egg allergies

My 15 month old son has been diagnosed with peanut and egg allergies. Anyone else in the same boat?

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Car Seat Strap Safety Issue

One of the children I watch will be two years old next month. She has learned to unlatch the carseat straps that go across her chest. Is there anything out there we can put on...

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long flight with a kid

i m going on a 14 hours long flight with my 4 years old son.it will be really hard for me to keep him occupied in the plane.anyone ve any suggestions how can i keep him occupied...


Any Tucson Mom's?

Hi there. Im new to this site and i'm also a new Mommy. I had my son on August 17th. I dont have many friends at all so I am really trying to make new friends in the area who...

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Am I overreacting?.

BM has been deleting my texts and or not giving the messages to ss12. I am livid. DH says there's nothing we can do about it and to stop texting

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Holiday Shopping

What are your kids putting on their Xmas wish list? Are you most of you guys avoiding lines by buying online or braving the crowds at the Mall? What is your favorite Holiday...


get together?

Hey there. My name is Alysha. I moved here last year, and don't know anyone with children. I have a 6 month old son, and would love to meet other moms and get out of the house...



was just curious does anyones LO not yet point clap or wave???



Now that my sons "babyness" is melting away I feel the longing for another one. I will be 21 this year and I was wondering how mom's decided to have another baby and how they...

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adhd kids

my son is 4 years old and he has adhd and bi-polar and ostics and i dont know how to handle him. he goes to daycare and yesterday he kick a baby so hard that he went fling and...


Wondering if i can be friends???

I am not an adoption mom but I would love to make some friends and be a part of this community!!! I am working for a brand new adoption entity Its christian and they are...


just found out today

So I went to my doctors offices today and just found out that I am pregnant...again. This will be my 2nd child and my husbands 3rd. im just really scared i guess. I'm not sure...


Bilingual Mamis in Austin/Cedar Park

Hola! I am raising my 1.5 year old son to speak Spanish. Unfortunatley, all the children in his daycare speak English and he's been picking up more English than Spanish. So...

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Looking to start a monthly thing

Not a period. Got two of those in this house already! lol We are looking for other lesbian moms with young children to meet up approximately once per month here in Palm Springs....

Started by Amy on 05/16/2011 in Lesbian Moms

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