Parenting Styles

I have a one year old daughter and a partner that works a 60-65hour week on average. What I want to know is what different parenting styles do people use? We are discussing...

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Army wife/mom marriage problems

Ugg, where do I start? I have a 4 1/2 yo and 8 1/2 mo both boys. My husband has been in for 12 years and is a workaholic. He works from 6 am to 6 pm and comes home tired,...


12 year old daughter won't follow

I am very new to this site, actually this is my first post. I have a 12 year old daughter who won't follow what we ask when we aren't around. The last thing that happened that...



My baby is 3 months old and i want to breastfeed her until she's 6 months, but i feel as though i can't keep up with her..wondering what to do....


Police Wife support club...???

Hi everyone. New here and wanted to ask everyone something. I notice that there is quite a bit of support for those who have spouses in the military, but I don't see any...


Mother in laws

I have been married to my husband for 5 years now and have tried very hard to have a relationship with his mother. Especially because I have no relationship with my mother. It...

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hi everyone! since im usually the one reading and replying to the odd post i thought i would write my own post! Just a few questions really my baby boy is 5 months and...

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My 18 year old daughter

Hi, I am putting this out there to moms and daughters. Two years ago, my daughter had finally hit and pushed me for the last time (yes, she was in therapy) and I demanded that...


Waking up screaming

My daughter is 20 months and has always been a great sleeper. Recently she has been waking up after a few hours at night and starts screaming and crying. She even stands up to...



I just started my son on solids about two weeks ago...first carrots, which he seemed to enjoy and this weeks squash. I can tell he doesn't like it and since last night he's had...


sleeping in same bed with toddler...

Does anyone sleep with their toddler? He started coming into bed with us a few months ago (he's 23 months old now) and now he stays up with us until it's time to "go to bed"...


what to feed my baby..

my baby girl has all four of her teeth now at 81/2 months old and she doesnt want her food anymore, she wants what mom and dad are having.. but i'm afraid she's not quite ready...

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another baby

hiya, i have asked this question in another community but was wondering about this communities opinion. I have a 4 month old daughter, and we would like to start trying for...