My six year old daughter complains of her pee-pee burning when she goes potty and when she has to wash at bath time.She has done it for a few years and every time i take her to...

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Breast Self Image.

Im A Very Proud Mother Of a 14 Month Old. I Dont know If its cause im a young mom. Im now 19. I breast feed my daughter tell she was 10 month i know what a shock being so young...

Started by Nicole on 01/15/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Why are moms so hard on other mom?

I was watching the news and It was talking about Bully moms.. This Page is so we can give each other advice and support. so my question is Why cant we encourage each other and...

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Deciding on a tubal ligation, tubes tied.

Once I found out I was pregnant this last time I decided that I didn't want anymore children and my husband agrees. My doctor wanted me to wait until my 6 weeks checkup before...

Started by Marlette on 08/03/2010 in July 2010 Babies

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My doctor told me when i first found out i was pregnant that i would have to have another c section . i know plenty of ppl that has had a c section and then natural . i could...

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A content mother

My son, and an only child will turn 13 on the 15th of September, honestly, i don't know what to expect. At the moment, i don't see nor experience any trouble raising him and i...

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babies born sep.30 2008

my son was born sep.30 and i was just wondering is my baby boy behind if he dont roll over yet,,he dose try he gets to his side then thats it.,..i just started putting him down...


Paying Board - When do you start?

My eldest son is 18 works partime, goes to uni & has an extremly busy social life. Now he's 18 he is really loving doing adult things. These include drinking, gambling, clubbing...



My daughter turned 13 months old on Nov 13th and she never seems to be happy. We have brief moments, but it never seems to last more than 20 or 30 minutes. Sometimes I think...



My son will be 2 in march and his tantrums just keep getting worse. When I tell him not to do something he blows it (kicking, screaming, hitting and throwing himself everywhere)...


Does my hubby care?

Ok so I have a 18 month old step daughter and her father and I have been togther since she was 4 months old first we only had her on the weekends and paid 300.00 a month in...

Started by Meghan on 02/26/2009 in Step Moms

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Single Mom Going back to school?

I am a single mother of an almost 2 year old ( I mean almost as in he will be 2 in less than 2 weeks and I can't believe it) I stayed home with him for the first year because...

Started by Lindsey on 08/15/2011 in Christian Moms

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What do I do?

I have made some mistakes in my life. I got married to an idiot so he would step up and be a father instead of pawning our son off on everyone else. I had to go to a rehab for...

Started by Amber on 12/17/2009 in Divorced Moms

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