looking for a stay at home job

so far ive checked a few things out but im still not satisfied. im very nervous about some of these "jobs" online I don't want to get scammed or even be taken advantage of. I...

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im due march 28th and i really want to get induced if shes not out by then.. i have so much back pain i can barley walk. and my friend is getting deployed the day after im due....

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As a matter of sheer curiosity on my part, how many of you Moms out there are currently breastfeeding? I recognize the importance of giving a child it's first immune system...


unruly teenagers

hi there, im new to this so bare with me, my name is cheryl and im a mum of 4 children 2 of which are teenagers...Im having real trouble with the 16 year old at the moment, as...


Concern about baby

My child is 11 mo. and I have stayed at home with him (while working at night-never any sleep!) since he's been born. However, now that he is older, more...


do i have the right to be mad/upset?

so last night my husband came home from work around 5, my son and i wanted to go out and do something as a family and my hubby said we could...so my son gets all excited that he...



does anyone have an adhd child and use a gluten free diet or gluten free caisan free diet?



hi.. my son is now 1year old and is breastfed. i chose to breastfeed him because i planned to be a housewife for a while. But now that i have plans of getting back to work, im...



I just recently had my daughter 5 weeks ago and ive been having unprotected sex a number of times with my boyfriend and I havent got my period yet. How can I tell if im pregnant...


My 2 & 1\2 year old is out of control

My daughter has been recently throwing the worst tamtrums ive ever experienced. When told no she kicks screams bloody murder hits throws things amd is just all aroumd...

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Husbands & Control

Control- Does anyone else have a husband who always wants to control you and lack of communication in your relationship? Our is it just me?

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Horrible article...

I read this caustic article about IVF, and I was absolutely shocked that people had extremely strong, negative opinions about IVF and those of us who pursue it. I was going to...


Milk: A dangerous food?

I've very recently received an e-mail about the dangers of consuming cow's milk. I've only just started doing some research on the issue and was shocked to find out about the...

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