I think I'm depressed.

I can't really avoid admitting it to myself anymore. I don't want to go on meds for it again though, but I'm tuning out life a lot on purpose because I'm not coping very well...


13mo old nursing...still!

I know many women say to be strong and not to give in for nursing when your ready to wean, my son is 13mo, and it has just been miserable trying to ween him. I'm down to one...

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what constitutes being pagan? ancestor worship and calling in an african country? where they call the paranormal 'the sickness of calling'? i had this really hectic experience...

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Teenage mothers.

Why do people think women under 20 shouldn't be mothers?? I am currently 18, with a 5 month old daughter. I am still with her father and we plan on getting married but it...

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How do you remember scriptures

I have always been one of those people that seems to remember the less important things in life and then not remebering the things that I really wanted to. But I have been a...

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I'm a working mom and my husband is also working.i work 5 days a week. how do i start from weaning? he 's already starting to have cavities because he feeds at night and...

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Wow...I'm happy there are some people I can relate to out there. I have a daughter who is 14 months and a son who is 2 months....12 months and two weeks difference. Things are...



My six year old daughter complains of her pee-pee burning when she goes potty and when she has to wash at bath time.She has done it for a few years and every time i take her to...

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Breast Self Image.

Im A Very Proud Mother Of a 14 Month Old. I Dont know If its cause im a young mom. Im now 19. I breast feed my daughter tell she was 10 month i know what a shock being so young...

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Why are moms so hard on other mom?

I was watching the news and It was talking about Bully moms.. This Page is so we can give each other advice and support. so my question is Why cant we encourage each other and...

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Deciding on a tubal ligation, tubes tied.

Once I found out I was pregnant this last time I decided that I didn't want anymore children and my husband agrees. My doctor wanted me to wait until my 6 weeks checkup before...

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My doctor told me when i first found out i was pregnant that i would have to have another c section . i know plenty of ppl that has had a c section and then natural . i could...

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A content mother

My son, and an only child will turn 13 on the 15th of September, honestly, i don't know what to expect. At the moment, i don't see nor experience any trouble raising him and i...

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babies born sep.30 2008

my son was born sep.30 and i was just wondering is my baby boy behind if he dont roll over yet,,he dose try he gets to his side then thats it.,..i just started putting him down...


Paying Board - When do you start?

My eldest son is 18 works partime, goes to uni & has an extremly busy social life. Now he's 18 he is really loving doing adult things. These include drinking, gambling, clubbing...