hi, i am a step mom to two teenage kids, we took them on full time over 6 years ago, but i have known them for 10+years now. however the older they get the more harder it is....


Biting two year old

My son, Jake is almost 2 and has started biting and pushing when he wants something. We have tried to work with him to use his words and share but we have been dealing with...



My child of course turned 9 months old on January 23rd. I am debating if I want a second child due to the economy, budget and more responsibility. Do you think having just 1...

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Irritating...stats, studies, blah blah blah

I seem to be on a rampage lately! At least I'm feeling a little better. Anyway, tonight a friend posted a video about how HomeFirst Medical supposedly hasn't had any cases of...


Weight Loss Surgery

So, been thinking about it. Lapband, anyway, and was wondering what you ladies think? I qualify for it based on BMI, and I'm looking into it, but I don't want to stop nursing...


Am I jealous or are my in-laws in the wrong?

Hi there everyone... ok so Im a mother of a very outspoken energetic 4 year old little boy and i need advice am i jealous or do my in-laws have a problem do any other moms have...

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jealous of step children?

How many of you are jealous of your step children? I am very jealous by the fact the bio mom has given my partner his first daughter and son. Do u get jealous because he's had...

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My son turning 13 - HELP!!!

My son thinks I am the worst mom ever... I must not tell him what to do. He bangs around in rage, screams back at me when I ask him to do something and says I love my 10 year...

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I just need to vent... Well first my husband just left for a week on business and I'm feeling very alone. Well actually, since becoming a SAHM I've felt lonely. I don't many...


My boyfriends daughter wants to call me mom

My boyfriends daughter 6 wants to call me mom. I have two girls 8 and 12. Well, I feel bad because she wants to call me mom. I do not want to take that away from her birth mom....

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Vocal cord problems

Hey there, just wondering if anyone else has a baby that has problems with their vocal cords due to ventilation. Sam was born at 23 weeks and is now 2 1/2 yrs . His vocal cords...


Smoking Baby

What say you all about this? I left out the original video of the kid puffing away, it's just too messed up for me. I'm sure you can google it and find watch it if you want....

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