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Depending on where how you are traveling, You can get some scraps of materials, foil, anything that will fit in a small bag. Let her pull out a material and talk to her about it being soft, rough, sticky, smooth. It will really spark her sensory.

You can use anything you like for this game -- buttons, crayons, raisins. Give your toddler a small pile and ask him to share them out -- 'one for you, one for me' -- into some small containers or plates.She will love being in charge -- and this game will help introduce her to numbers as well.

Practice this game using your fruit bowl or a plate of biscuits to begin with. Put a couple of apples and a banana in front of her and ask her which is the odd one out. A great game for helping her understand the concepts of 'same' and 'different'.

Using old magazines cut out pictures of pieces of furniture -- chairs, TV, cooker, bed -- as well as other things you have around the house like a kettle, towels and books. Then cut out pictures of rooms -- a sitting room, dining room, garage, garden. Lay the pictures out and ask her to help put all the pictures of the furniture and objects in the right room.

The idea is to fill up spaces on a board by placing matching cards over the pictures on the board. Choose a version with big bold pictures she will recognise. Matching games like this are great.

Any firm paper or cardboard will do. Punch holes in a straight line, or make different patterns. You can then use a shoe lace, ribbon, or string to lace it up.

I have more games if this is for more than traveling....

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