Are you a mom of triplets, are you expecting triplets, or just need some advice on mutiples?

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Runabout triple seat stroller

it is in excellent condition i am located in san diego california if interested pls call 6196779448

Started by Shirley on 01/06/2014 in Triplets

Last update on 03/21/2014 by Melanie


Going crazy already!

I am almost 27 weeks and on bedrest. I am starting to feel lonely. I am not used to be confined to my home. I have always been on the go. People (friends) always say they'll be...

Started by Danyella on 04/07/2010 in Triplets

Last update on 02/27/2014 by Lauren


Do your triplets fight all the time?

I have 15 month bbb triplets and they fight all the time one of them bites his brothers when they make him mad. Sometimes I just dont know what to do to stop them.

Started by Libby on 05/19/2009 in Triplets

Last update on 02/02/2014 by Louise


Volunteer Opportunity for Moms!

Hello everyone! I am a graduate student getting my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Currently, I am in need of some help from parents of young children. I am researching young...

Started by Amanda on 01/23/2014 in Triplets

Last update on 01/23/2014 by Amanda


Just found out we are having triplets.

Hi, My name is Kerry, i have a daughter of 2 years old which we had through IVF and just recently we went for our 2nd IVF, they put 2 back and both took, we were overwhelmed but...

Started by Kerry on 11/07/2011 in Triplets

Last update on 01/09/2014 by Ericka


naturally conceived unidentical triplets?

Hi! I'm writing a thesis on why multiple births occur and was wondering- does anyone have a set of unidentical triplets (all definately unidentical) that they concieved...

Started by Livi on 01/17/2011 in Triplets

Last update on 12/05/2013 by Terri


For Sale: Triplet Runabout Stroller

Okay, I GUESS I'm finally ready to bite the bullet and finally sell our stroller -- now that our triplets are 5! Good used condition Runabout. We bought used in 2005, I would...

Started by Jane on 07/10/2009 in Triplets

Last update on 11/05/2013 by Jane


New here - 10 year old triplets

Hi, I'm new to this "circle of moms" thing. The TRIPLETS group was the only one I was interested in too! I thought "surely there won't be a triplet group" and I was glad I was...

Started by Tonya on 03/18/2010 in Triplets

Last update on 10/01/2013 by Michelle


Traveling with triplets. Help!

My husband and i are planning a trip to Hawaii this summer or late Spring to visit his family. Our triplets will be 2 or just younger than 2 if we go in may. We're thinking or...

Started by Beth on 03/28/2010 in Triplets

Last update on 07/02/2013 by Rocio


Runabout triple 2nd hand 4 sale in San Diego

Hi We have put our Berg Design triple runabout stroller on the San Diego Craigslist (this Summer 2013) including the trailer mount. Search San Diego Craigslist for photos...

Started by Michelle on 06/25/2013 in Triplets

Last update on 06/25/2013 by Michelle


School: Split or keep together?

Hi, new to the site! I have 6 years old triplets, 2 girls and 1 boy, and they started kindergarten this year. Yes we waited until they turned 6 before they started. They were...

Started by Michelle on 01/27/2009 in Triplets

Last update on 06/19/2013 by Jody


shock of a lifetime - Triplets?!?!

I found at 8 weeks that I was having triplets! I am very excited and very nervous. This was all natural, no meds for fertility treatments so very stunned when I found out. My...

Started by Mary on 06/18/2013 in Triplets

Last update on 06/18/2013 by Mary


Going out alone w/triplets???

HI, I have 27mnth old triplet girls & going out is hard for me. I don't have a triplet stroller (not that they would want to stay in it) and I don't like the choo choo train....

Started by Michelle on 10/28/2009 in Triplets

Last update on 06/15/2013 by Paul


Are your Triplets between 12-16yo in Los Angeles?

Dear mothers of triplets! Children's Hospital Los Angeles is holding a research study to better understand the influence of genetics and the environment in triplets/twins. We...

Started by Yang on 05/06/2013 in Triplets

Last update on 05/06/2013 by Yang

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