Boy Girl twins dont like each other

Brindle - posted on 09/01/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 2 year old twins are having social issues and with eachother. They both talk very well and comunicate all their needs. However they get irritated at other 2 year olds because they dont seem to comunicate with them, so they are stuck with eachother. Theres another issue. They dont like eachother. BOTH of them are dominating personalities both are extraverts both assertive. Ky is very much the BOSS but Aiden does NOT like that cause no one is going to boss him. It feels like I am prying them apart every 5 min. Disiplan of any kind does NOT work at allllllll. trust me I have been a mom for 11 years and a sister to 52 younger foster siblings since i was 12 I have tried everything. Is this something they will grow out of? Or should i take my husbands advice and put em in a ring let em duke it out and who ever wins is the dominating twin. It seems like they both just want to win no matter what.

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Samantha - posted on 01/22/2012




Lol I don't mean to laugh but this is how my 3 yr old twins are! :) I don't know what advice to give other than buy a picture book about sharing or even on sesame has some good stuff about sharing. Maybe if they feel like they can relate then they can relate to why its wrong to hurt each other. I have used this and it helps a lot. of course, each set of twins is different and each child is different. They may really benefit from being a part. Have you tried taking one of them with you and the other go with your husband and have a mother/daughter or mother/son and visa verse with you your husband? Maybe they will love the one on one time. And they will have time to miss each other too.

Elnet - posted on 10/21/2011




I know your situation too well!I have 3 1/2 year old twin boys-they fight and hurt each other constantly!In August of this year we had to rush the oldest twin to the ER as his brother shoved him against the bedroom door(5 stitches later).I have also tried everything one can think of-lately taking priveledges/toys away does seem to help a little-but trying to be consistent is not always easy.Like you, I too hope that things will get better -sooner rather than later because they do not hold back when hurting each other.Good luck to you.

Stefani - posted on 10/08/2011




When you figure this out let me know, My 3 year old boy girl twins are the same way, they have their great moments when the hug and kiss each other, but it seems like everything is a fight where one is sitting the other wants to sit and they fight, every little thing is a struggle I am exausted everyday because of the fighting

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