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Holly - posted on 11/16/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have two daughters and both are caught in front of a broken lap and everyone is quite and wont say who did it. My husband took one daughter who he says seems smug and spanked her for the lamp. But I think the sister did it, or they were playing and they both did it. My husband didn"t discipline the our other daughter. has anyone been through this before......ps. what should I do to my other daughter if anything?


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Chris - posted on 11/16/2016




Try to find out by tricks which did this. Go to a store with the one that was spanked by your husband. Give her a gift, and come back on the matter by asking why she denounced herself in place of her sister by specifying that you know that it is not her. I do not know how your windows are, but you can add that people who passed by saw them and know which of the two did that.
If she admits, it's spanking for the other sister, no reason.

Dove - posted on 11/16/2016




Your husband punished a child for 'seeming' smug when you two honestly have no idea what happened? Yeah... I'd say you need discipline help. Perhaps if they weren't afraid of getting hit you might have gotten to the truth of what happened to the lamp and found out if it was just a careless accident by one.. or both.. or exactly what happened.

As for if 'I' have been through this before..? No, I don't punish a child when I don't know what happened. Yes, I would be upset about the broken lamp, but if I couldn't find the truth then they would both be doing chores to 'work' off the cost of the lamp and that would be the end of it.

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