does anyone know of a twin birth chart for weights?

User - posted on 12/31/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I've been looking everywhere, and cannot find any sort of standardized height/weight/gestational chart for birth of multiples!
I'm very interested to know any sort of percentage rate for my twin girls, born at exactly 36 weeks, Maureen at 7 lb 4 oz and Willow at 6 lb even.


Kim - posted on 01/03/2013




I think when twins are born after a certain gestational age, they don't use adjusted growth charts. My boys were born at 36w 6days and our pediatrician used the standard growth charts for them. Mine were 6lbs 8 oz and 5lbs 10oz at birth. The bigger one was in the 25th percentile when born, and the smaller was in the 10th percentile.

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