Really worried. Is this normal?

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Iam 10 weeks and before pregnancy size 30 waist. I'm now a size 40 waist, in 10 weeks!!!!!! 10 inches in 10 weeks and I haven't gotten bigger anywhere else..... Something seems weird. My only explanation is twins or maybe something serious ? My question is, anyone have this and not twins? Any ideas what's going on? Had us at 5 weeks only showed 1 baby. My dad and au ts twins. I'm more worried than anything. Look 7 months at 10 weeks. And if it was I need to change prenatal regime? Any clues


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Holly - posted on 08/18/2012




This is not unusual with twins. I have no history of twins in my family. I had 3 ultra sounds and they showed a healthy baby... I didn't want to know the sex. My doctor was a friend as well as my doctor and when I kept telling him I felt movement at a few months he & my mom would laugh! It was my first pregnancy so I thought okay, but I'm right. So at my six month check up, my doctor was on vacation so I saw his associate. He measured me, checked my records, measured me again & did this three times until I panicked and asked what was going on! He said I needed to see my regular doctor the following day. I complained of being kicked on the hip and my upper right ribs and again I was lovingly teased. So, the next day I arrive at my appt and my doctor takes one look at me and says you're having an ultrasound. I said right its next week. He said no today! So I went fearfully into the ultrasound where his daughter was a student tech and on the screen pops up my son and then my daughter! She schreeched and asked if she could tell her dad. I said of corurse! Tell him he owes me a huge present for twins!

Needless to say, listen to your own instincts, they are God given for a reason. Doctors are people too and make mistakes. I had the shortest twin pregnancy! Minus the immediate bed rest because I had twins and had to be savvy about quick shopping, it was fabulous! Just be persistient and listen to your body! Good luck! My twins are off to high school now :)

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I had twins and at 6 weeks was in maternity clothing, I went from a 28 waist to 58 by the time they arrived, at 37 weeks, and it was all bump, from back I didn't look pregnant until I turned!!
Get checked out but did find having twins def made bump grow bigger very quick

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At 5 weeks us is pretty unreliable. If you are really worried see your healthcare provider and at least have your fears put to rest.
We are all different though, I got very big with both pregnancies, and had two perfect healthy singleton babies! I just make nice big swimming pools for them to lounge around in ;-)

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When I had my twins, I was 91 pounds. I was sick alot in the first trimester, but at 37 weeks gestation I was 175. Thick and loved every bit of it, until the twins took it all when they were

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My first pregnancy was twins and my doctor was not looking for two heartbeats so I thought it was one baby until my first ultrasound around 4 months, we then found out there were two babies. I had the opposite problem people kept telling me I was too small to be having twins. I didn't get big till the 3rd trimester. I hope everything works out and twins or not make start an low intensity doctor approved workout routine.

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Have you changed your diet at all? Is this your first pregnancy? My thoughts are that you could be gaining a lot of water weight, very common in the summer when its hot. OR you really could be pregnant with twins, I would request another ultrasound possibly from a differnet doctor. Another thing you could do is request a blood test to check your hcg levels, they run higher when pregnant with twins. By the end of my first trimester( with twins), which is roughly 13 weeks I looked like I was 6 months pregnant. Good luck I hope this helps you out.

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Call your doctor and let him know you are concerned. Maybe the ultrasound only saw 1 baby because the other is hiding?? I didn't have my first ultrasound until I was almost 5 months, and had no idea I was having twins. I just thought I was big because I am pretty small ( 5'1, 100 lbs ). Besides the prenatal vitamins, start taking Folic Acid. My doctor told me to do this, it helps the babies a lot. Hopefully this helps, but defiantly call your doctor! Good Luck!

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