Unique Chromosome Abnormalities

For mothers of children diagnosed with a chromosome abnormality unique to them. Our daughter has partail trisomy 18 with an 8 p deletion.She is the only documentated case in the world. I I would like to connect with other moms who have a child w/ a similar abnormality(esp concerning #18) but invite all mother with a child who has any "unique" rearrangemnt, addition, or deletion.


Chromosome Abnormalities

I thought I would post with my sons chromosome deletion. He has 3q29 deletion. Chromosome changes are very difficult to pinpoint especially when the documentation is not...


14q chromosome deletion

My baby was just born Jan 2 2014 with a 14q chromosome deletion . I'm lost he has s ok many medical problems I fear the quality of his life over quantity. He has a trach and a...


Deletion 22, Duplication 1 & 10

We just found out that my son has a deletion on 22 and a duplication on 1 and 10. His first bloodwork actually said he had a duplication on 22 and the more "specific" bloodwork...


3q29 duplication

Hello moms! I have a daughter with a 3q29 duplication. I'd like to know if there are more cases....It's a extremelly rare syndrome, I have no asociation here, and don't know...


chromosome 14q 11.2-22 deletion

My daughter is 14. She has a chromosome 14q 11.2-22 deletion. We obviously know of her challenges, but we are looking for specific info on her condition. We were told it was so...