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I read a comment recently in a baby name thread advising the OP not to give her child the name of a loved one who had passed. The reasoning was that each person is unique and special. Now, obviously names are reused by many people every day in child naming. But from how I understood it, the poster was basically saying that passing down the name of someone else you KNOW, even thought it is to honor that person, is in some spiritual/psychological sense projecting that person onto your child and robbing them of fully having their own identity in their name. I don't really know how I feel about this line of thinking, but I thought it was at least a very interesting point of view to consider. My firstborn son's middle name is the middle name passed down from my husband and my father in law. My second son's name is Lennon---pretty obvious where that came from. I have always felt that naming a child is a very important task not to be taken lightly, mainly because a person you will love very dearly will have to live with it forever. But for some cultures and belief systems the entire weight of a person's identity is in the name. The whole doctrine of numerology is based in this kind of thinking. So I know it is not a highly controversial subject for our debate board, but I'd really love to hear what others think of this. Is naming your child specifically and purposely after someone just simply an honoring of that person, or is it stealing a small piece of your child's uniqueness?

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