Tower, the Zoo, and the Tortoise "Quiz-for-Fun" Which character in the novel are you?

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Quiz-for-Fun: Which character in the novel are you? Answer the following questions and find out who!

1. You are tasked with babysitting your neighbor's new piglets for the weekend when one decides to flee your grasp and head for the hills. What do you do?

a) Call your best friend who works at the local Lost and Found and report a missing mammal.

b) Sit idle. Pigs, regardless of size are too fast to catch.

c) Grab a handful of fruits and veggies from the fridge and head out to lure the piglet back to safety.

d) Grimace and wring your hands as you realize that this animal on the loose has not only delayed your finishing your latest bodice-buster, but also caused you to burn the treacle cake that was baking in the oven.

2. You are invited to visit friends in New York City and have some spare time before you're due to meet them. What do you do while you wait?

a) Stop at Alice's Tea Cup for tea and a scone and then ride the subway through the boroughs looking for items riders have left behind. New Yorkers must have some interesting things to lose, right?

b) Enjoy some shade in Central Park. No need to exhaust yourself in the concrete jungle just yet.

c) Take a leisurely stroll through Central Park Zoo. You've heard there are new chinstrap penguins in the Penguin House!

d) Head to the MTA office to complain about the rat infestation in the subway system.

3. Your boss just gave you the day off of work. How will you spend these precious hours of freedom?

a) Catching up on the latest town gossip with your best friend.

b) Work? I ve been retired for a very long time. Every day is a day off!

c) At the local pub. Every vacation day deserves its own toast!

d) Speed dating. There have to be some eligible singles out there with a comparable penchant for storytelling.

4. You're just headed out of the grocery store when it starts pouring rain and you don't have an umbrella. How do you react?

a) There's no sense in getting upset over a shower. You'll dry off and warm up with some tea when you make it home.

b) Piece of cake. My outerwear is always durable and I could use a good rinse.

c) Rain fascinates you. You don't care if all of your groceries get soggy; you're going to soak up this rain for as long as you can.

d) You pull your coat up over your head and hurry home to make sure the rain isn't driving the field mice indoors.

5. You just won a contest through your local radio station. You've won an all expense paid trip to any city/country of your choice. Where will you go?

a) Santorini, Greece: You love the history and heritage, not to mention the views!

b) The town next door has always intrigued you. You can only carry what's on your back, so the proximity helps you cut down on packing.

c) South Africa: You'll finally be able to see wild animals in their natural habitat.

d) Rome, Italy: You've always wanted to visit the Coliseum and hear stories about its classic battles and gladiator contests.

If you answered mostly . . .

A: You are Hebe Jones! Loyal friend and dedicated employee with an affinity for problem solving.

B: You are Mrs. Cook! The Jones 181-year-old tortoise. The oldest tortoise in the world. Congratulations; you ve earned the right to be lazy.

C: You are Balthazar Jones! Animal lover and collector of rain.

D: You are Reverend Septimus Drew! The Tower's lovelorn chaplain who despises mice and has a secret passion for writing well, you know

(Quiz and questions issued by publisher.)

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Michele - posted on 11/12/2012




Well.. I got Hebe but many of my choices were between a and c with some really close ones.... so I could just as easily been Balthazar.. Maybe I'm a good mix of the two!1

Frances - posted on 08/13/2012




I'm Balthazar! Probably why I picked up the book - LOL!!

- Frances -

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