Emily pippin

Emily Pippin in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

Is $13.00 too much to pay for 8 hours on 2 different days? What's a good amount to...

~♥Little Miss Can't Be Wrong♥~
~♥Little Miss Can't Be Wrong♥~

I just answered this on a different post. Are you saying $13 dollars TOTAL for 2...

Emily pippin
Emily Pippin

Sorry I'm new to this ..Wednesdays and Thursdays 8:00a.m to 3:00 for 13 dollars...

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Pregnant without a partner

Dezarae decarvalho

Dezarae Decarvalho in Single Moms

I'm a young pregnant mom looking for the support of strong women to help me get...

Sarah J.
Sarah J.

I was 1 month pregnant when I left my partner and my son is 13 months old now....

Dezarae decarvalho
Dezarae Decarvalho

Basically, I told him I was pregnant with HIS child and he left me... And it...

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Why is my child well-behaved at school but not at home?

Many parents find their child acts like a little angel at school and saves all their bad behavior for home. Why does this happen and what can you do to encourage model behavior...

kerri bennett

Kerri Bennett

I have a 10 year old step son who is great at school and hitting all his trargets...

Sarah smith

Sarah Smith

Perhaps because they feel loved safe and secure at home and are therefore able to...

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As a mom, what would you like to ask the First Lady?

Michelle Obama is answering questions from Circle of Moms members next week – share your question below to be considered.

Michele Ingraham

Michele Ingraham

What if one of your girls got rape and got pregnancy by the rapest would you let...

Bridget Burton

Bridget Burton

Why is my comment on abortion up to 9th month of pregnancy and killing babies...

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How old were your babies when they got their first tooth?

The lower front teeth are usually the first teeth to erupt around six months of age. This age varies from child to child, with some babies being born with a tooth already...

Bo Bo

Bo Bo

my boy got his first 2 at 5 months but he was 7 weeks prem so he was a bit late...




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Birth Plan: Did/do you have one?

For expecting mothers, who is planning on taking a birth plan to the hospital? For mothers who've already given birth, did you have a birth plan? Did you stick to it, or was...

Rebekah Thomson

Rebekah Thomson

haha nothing ever goes to plan if you make one -

Lucine Mora

Lucine Mora

I had one since I wanted a birth with no medical intervention, not even an IV. I...

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How to say goodbye to a miscarried child

No mom wants to let go of the little one lost at or before birth, but sadly part of the grieving process is saying goodbye. What are ways you have found to honor the child who...



I’ve been married for over 9years, me and my husband have been trying to...

Miya King

Miya King

My first miscarriage was in July this year. I was just sixteen. Me and the father...

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