21 yr. old and 3 year old grandson

KarenR - posted on 03/16/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




So like most of you have shared, my 21 year old daughter is making my peaceful home a nightmare. She's lazy, a slob and is disrespectful. She just started working...but, is still dependent on me to take care of her and her 3 yr. old son...who I love to pieces. I'm really tempted to kick her out, but, how do I do that with a 3 yr. old? I can't and I think she takes advantage of that. I love her but, I hate her sometimes too. Any words of wisdom?


Raye - posted on 03/16/2015




I agree with the others. You need to put an agreement or lease in writing with the expectations for her to continue to live in your house. And you need to let her know that there will be consequences for her failing to live up to the agreement. I might also write a note that says "locksmith - $75.00" and put it on the fridge or leave it out where she could see it, so she gets the hint that she could be kicked out and you'd change the locks.

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Ditto Evelyn. Your daughter is only behaving the way that you will allow her to get away with.

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She is an adult, she had a child whom she needs to take care of, and she needs a good dose of reality. You need to at the least cut all ties to what you have been giving her such as any extra money,buying her food, and so on. Tell her that she is responsible for coming up with her own food and such. Make a contract that lays out what she will help pay in rent, utilities, and food. Make sure she understands that you can not give her everything she needs that she has to make due for herself. You also need to add a date by which she gets herself together or she has to move out.


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KarenR - posted on 03/16/2015




Perhaps you both are right. I think I worry too much about my grandson leaving because I really don't want him to leave. I did just write up a contract...

Thank you Evelyn and Shawnn and God bless you for sharing your thoughts with me. I am so grateful!

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