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My 10 years old son has been used many time release medicine for adhd but always their lasting few hours and teachers always are giving notes about few concentration of my son after 12:00 noon. He starts today with Adderall 15 mg short acting at 7:00 am and other one at 11:30 am. I hope all be fine.


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I am a school nurse and I'd say most of my students on this sort of medication, take a long acting dose in the AM and a "bump" dose of short acting in early to mid afternoon. I am curious why your doctor has not tried that plan? Short in the AM and another at noon will leave your child med free around 3-4pm, potentially making after-school activity or homework very frustrating. If he was on a time release in the morning, it should not have been wearing off that early as well. Were different doses tried? Does the doctor who prescribes this medication specialize in behavioral issues? Has your child ever seen a pediatric psychiatrist?

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