After Montessory Kindergarten or school?

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My daughter will be 4 in Nov 2016. She is in Montessori. Now my friends are telling me to put her in preschool. But I read on "Circle of Moms" page that preschool is not necessary. I just want to know that can I send her directly in school after Montessori when she will be 6 or should I send her in kindergarten when she will be 5 and then in school? Its little confusing for me. Can any one help me. Because I have to make the decision soon because the cut off date is Sep. 1


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Montessori is a school. It is also a teaching system set up to allow kids to learn by exploring their environment and learning to do things for themselves. I can link you guys to what it is.
This is the lady who started it.


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Punam - posted on 08/11/2016




Thank you friends for your replies!
Yesterday I did talk to the teacher in Montessori and she told me that they have preschool & kindergarten both program. So I am relaxed now, when my daughter will be six then she can directly go to the school. Now I don't have to search here and there.
I am good until she will be six :)

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Isn't Montessori a learning environment on its own? I have read of Montessori schools covering all age groups, I think...

What curriculum does the Montessori school offer?

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I am a huge fan of preschool, but Montessori IS school. The best place to ask these questions would probably be to her current school and the school you would be sending her to when she is in elementary. Different states and countries have different rules on when a child must start school (and when they are too young to start). so the advice you get on here may or may not pertain to your particular situation.

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I'm going through a similar situation with our 3-year-old son. Financially, I would say preschool isn't the best answer. Here in Florida, they have Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten classes that are free and help prepare your child for a school setting. We started our oldest in preschool when he was almost two. Honestly, I could've saved myself the cash. But then again, you know your child better than I do. It's up to you. If you feel it's worth it, I suggest going for it. If not, I say wait a year.

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