Any good apps for children?

Glorian - posted on 03/12/2013 ( 8 moms have responded )




Can someone recommend a good educational app for a 4 year old?


Firebird - posted on 03/12/2013




Yes I can. Books. Screen time for a four year old should be extremely limited. I know this is the age of technology and all that nonsense, but good old fashioned books, crayons, paper and one on one time with real people are far better learning tools for a four year old than being glued to a screen will ever be.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 03/13/2013




OH, Firebird, I'm SO Glad to hear someone else say to put away the technology for crying out loud!

At 4, their best "app" is their imagination! Keep being "old fashioned", Glorian...because I guarantee that your kids will be leaps and bounds ahead of those who are plunked in front of a tablet or pad with "apps" to keep them engaged. I don't care how bloody educational some parents think they are, the fact of the matter is this: Electronics stunt your brain. They do not force you to use your imagination or reasoning skills. They do not teach simple logic, nor common sense. They are just an app on a screen to keep your kids entertained.

I will say that I used educational programs when my kids got older, but they were things like Sammy Science and that series. But only because they did promote logic and proper teaching methods.

Evelyn - posted on 06/10/2014




I have to agree with Shawnn and Firebird. Tech things are good for minimum use only. They do not entice the brain to work and do the work for the child's brain. A child is not forced to think things through. People, toys, crayons, books, paper, and imagination is what kids are needing and they are loosing their imaginations because its all there in front of them.


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Ava - posted on 06/19/2014




omg! my new fave app ever!!
I just found this app called Storybook Reading:
It's the closest thing I've found to actually reading to my kids. I can record the books we already have (or library books)…so it's me reading and them turning the pages. Loving it. Helps me avoid the "screen time" guilt:) Rumor has it they are going to enable sharing books soon…the grandmas are dying to record books for my little girl.

Amanda - posted on 06/10/2014




Yes! So far I've been using Best Kids Songs and Stories from Samsung Publishing, and my 5 year old loves it! There are stories and songs that she can watch and listen to, and some games are available as well. I've really liked it so far, and my daughter seems to like it, hope this helps!

Maya - posted on 04/30/2013




yes! PaciFone is a wonderful app. It is available only for Android but it great because it keeps little ones entertained but also has a locking feature that prevents them from accessing other parts of your phone. It's a lifesaver.

Glorian - posted on 03/13/2013




Oh my!! Thanks!! I was feeling so old fashioned hahaha... her bedroom is full of crayons, play dough, flash cards and a ton of books!! I see the kids around us just using tablets, ipads or whatever and I was kinda feeling like a bad mama, thanks for making me feel good about who we are ;)

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