Any suggestions on discipline methods for a 4 yr old


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Dove - posted on 05/18/2016




Discipline is simply teaching your child how they should behave and why they should behave that way. Exact how you approach this depends on different situations you are having.

Spanking is absolutely the WORST method to use... and it's not a discpline method... it's a punishment. Discipline seeks to teach the child how to behave and why (like I mentioned) and punishment seeks to... well, punish the child for their wrong doings. Punishment can sometimes be a part of discipline, but it doesn't HAVE to be. While you do need consequences... I never intentionally set out to make my children feel bad about themselves.

Not saying I never spanked... because I did... but I did so because I was WRONG... no other reason. And please never, ever listen to anyone that brags about spanking. I don't know why any decent parent would ever brag about the pain and humiliation they inflict upon their children. Yes, I've upset my children when necessary, but I've never been PROUD of them being upset. I'm not a sick freak.

Mani - posted on 05/18/2016




Hi, please give following details about the 4 year old:
4 year old is a boy or girl? Body growth and mischiefs doing by him or her.what is the necessity for a discipline? At present are you disciplining him or her? If so give me the details. I am ,53 a veteran spanker spanking 6 children including teen aged girls and a boy. Feel free to ask my advise.

Jodi - posted on 05/18/2016




It depends on what the 4 year old is doing. Different things will require different solutions.

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