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I'm interested in hearing when your babies met certain milestones. I am receiving a lot of pressure from developmental specialists and i know that everyone's children can learn at very different times. When did your little one start army crawling, crawling, standing, walking, talking, etc??


Dove - posted on 10/25/2016




My kids were a bit ahead of the game.

My girls:
Army crawl and pulling to stand holding on to furniture: 7 months
Hands and knees: 8 months
First steps: 10.5 months

My son:
Army crawl: 5 months
Hands and knees and pulling to stand holding on to furniture: 6 months
First steps: 9 months.

Not sure on all the talking though I do remember my son's first 5 word sentence at 15 months. He's always been very verbal and was speaking in paragraphs at 2.5 years old, BUT... was missing about half his letter sounds. lol Yeah, that was fun deciphering.

All that being said... there is a fairly wide range of normal when it comes to developmental milestones. The 'average' range for first steps (some kids fall outside of this range w/ no issues) is 9-18 months.

If develomental specialists are concerned about your child I would be listening to them and taking their advice... or at least seeking a 2nd opinion... and possiblly getting your child services to help them. That's what specialists are FOR. ♥

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