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My son has been asking to move in with me but his dad says no, step mom runs the house. I have no say in anything my son does. Like his doctor, dentis,. It upsets Mr and I have talked with them no and all bs ,she has 6 kids,plumbing works off and on they are due and my son says it's too crowded. Any thoughts, he has come to me crying and I get when they feel I am aloud to have him. I cannot pick him up at the school. There is no custdy. I and lutterly be side myself


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I'm so sorry you're going thru this, it sounds like you love and miss your son. Have you contact the Department of Children and Family in your area? It may be time to re-visit the family situation. I pray that God will give you wisdom to proceed accordingly to His plan.

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How old is your son and why does his father have sole legal and physical custody? It is very rare that either parent loses all rights to custody or visitation.

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This is why people need to go to court and get custody orders as SOON as they split up. He is your child too and unless a court has determined otherwise you have completely equal rights to him.

The only way you could not pick him up at school is if you do not have proof that he is your son and his father has proof that you have no rights (aka... a court order). When my ex and I split up I HAD to bring a copy of the court order to the school in order to keep my ex from having equal rights to pick up our kids (I have full custody, he has limited visitations that did not include anytime he would need to pick them up from school). If there is no court order... take your son's birth certificate to the school, get your kid, and file for temporary emergency custody.... Get a lawyer first, of course.

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I have to agree with the other lady. With no custody or child support or visitation set up you can not do anything. You need to seek a lawyer.

Michelle - posted on 02/17/2017




You need to go to court and get a custody agreement.
Get yourself a lawyer now and go to court. What else would you expect us to say?

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