breastfeeding during pregnancy


Dove - posted 5 days ago




Breastfeeding while sick w/ a cold or something can be GOOD for your baby because baby picks up the immunity and can avoid getting sick or can be sick less severe and for a shorter time.

Like the others said though... this is something for you to discuss w/ a doctor because there are certainly some diseases that are not smart to breastfeed through and certainly some medications that can be harmful for your child. We aren't doctors here and won't pretend to be, so there's no way we can give you the in depth information you are seeking.

Sarah - posted 5 days ago




Like Michelle says there are too many diagnosis and way too many factors to give you advice here; why don't you talk to your doctor?
Why can breastfeeding be harmful t the baby? Because you can infect your child with an illness like HIV or TB, or the medications that you need to make you well can be toxic to a newborn. Can you be more specific with your issue?

Michelle - posted 5 days ago




This is something you should be asking your doctor.
There are far too many illnesses to list.

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