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First, my daughter is adopted from china at the age of 1 year. My daughter and I
were already a little stubborn and challenging to each other However, I feel we never went pass the point of disrespecting each other.
After my husband died. She was 8 years old. The same day we buried him.
She said she hate me...The wrong parent died. She was given to the wrong family
She was going to do what she wanted to do. No one was there to stop her. Daddy
was not here to protect you.
The arguing took on all likes of twist and turns over the years,twist and turns over the
We were friends with this church group and one of the men was always making excuses for my daughter. I told him the story and in front of my daughter. My daughter was 16 at the time he made this excuse for her. He said she was just a kid. He always made excuses for her when I corrected her around him. He has not kids.
Has never been married or lived with a women. In the 12 th grade she was sneaking
around with this boy at school. After she told me. I really did not care. But both the
boy and her imagined in their head, it is all in thier mind that I was against them.
My daughter was talking behind my back to this nosy man and his girlfriend our family
business. A long story short . My daughter is now living with this ,,,,is going to college
my dead husband is paying for. My husband was in the Navy. I told her about the
benefits which I did not have to. I helped her with all the state, government and private apps. for a year. Helped her. She is now not talking to me. I feel like she hates me. I know she hates me. She said says she is not trying to be mean. She says she love me after. I said I love her. first. She is lying. She asked me how my health is. She
she hopes I am in a happy for thanksgiving. More lies. She only texted me if I
complaint to one of the church members. Then she rely to look good in front to the
church people.
Yes I was strict on her. I said yes to every thing. But NO to my daughter was not going
into stranger,s house and NO going to the Mall with strange kids. It was always NO.
No,No, she had friends at school she saw every day. When she got older. She got
around that rule. She was in advanced classes and 4 years of CNA classes.
She know I took education and career opportunities seriously. In the 11 and 12 th grades she would ask me the the night before to stay after school for tutoring a few time a month. Then she started asking once or twice a week. Then she wouldn't ask
ahead of time. My daughter started calling me from school a hour before school was
out. I said yes. She stated taking 2-3 hours to come home from school. The school
was 3 miles away. She was not taking my rule and bending it. She did all kind of
stuff to me. Now, she wonder why I was acting crazy without a husband. She betrayed me. Turned her back on me. Abandoned me.
She has always been cruel and mean to me. She is selfish. She acts like she is the only who got hurt by her dad dying. I got hurt too. That as my husband.
My daughter has no really talked to me in 2.5 years. I am 61 and to go for all her
disrespect. If I was not her mother I would not have anything to do with her
I don;t think I love her anymore. This last cycle of texting which was 5 mos. and
5 message. I typed for three days long message. but you know what she doesn't
care. I am wasting time. on someone who doesn't care and every did. I am not
saying that out of anger. It is the truth about her. She accepted my husband as her
father. BUT NEVER accepted me as her mother. It is simply pure sexual harassment
against another woman. I texted her this with other statements of complaints. She
stopped texting me for months because she did not like the truth. Anyhow, the way
I see it. she thinks I am worthless. I thinks her attitude sucks with makes her total
suck. What I want her to do is stop sneaking in the back door. And come to my face
be a woman and say I don't want the way you raised me and I don't want to have
anything to do with you ever again. What she does is she is super sweet and just
set me up with thousands of lies. And doesn't text me and ignores me. She has not
changed the way she is. Is the same way was treated as a minor ....she didn't care
then or NOW

me to stay

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