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Dove - posted on 10/13/2016




1. Your daughter can TALK to whoever she wants. There is nothing wrong w/ talking to someone. My teenage daughters know and talk to a lot of unsavory characters (though less now that they aren't in the main public school anymore). Simply talking is harmless and is not cheating. Her boyfriend doesn't 'own' her and does not get to dictate who she does and does not talk to.

2. Your daughter just turned 15 (according to you on another post). That is way too young to have a one on one boyfriend and WAY too young to have been w/ a guy for over a year and a half... so she was 13 when she started dating? Totally age inappropriate. This is the age where small group interactions and learning what you do and do not like in the opposite sex while still all just being friends and zero focus on the 'one on one dating' nonsense should be taking place.

Ev - posted on 10/13/2016




First, I want to know why you would allow your daughter to date a child. That boy would have been barely 12!!! He was too young to be dating and should have been playing video games.

As to her treatment of him by breaking up, it is common for this to happen with kids. It would depend on how she actually did this. But he should not have been upset if she was just speaking to another boy! If she was actually cheating on him that would be different.

Be upset that your daughter lied to her BF but this is common for kids to get together and break up as teens. Make sure your daughter is dating her age or a tad older.

Actually if she was dating that 12 year old she would have been 14ish. She is too young for boyfriends!

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