Did finding out early turn out to be good or bad?

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I had a "feeling" I was pregnant the week I conceived. I started taking over the counter prenatals immediately. Last week I confirmed with the doctor that I was in fact pregnant. Wednesday of this week I started bleeding and feared I was having a miscarriage. I've posted several questions and done tons of research since. For the most part my symptoms dont match up. I did pass 1 clot and then it's tapered off since. Yall fussed at me enough so even though I knew what they would say I went in to see the doc. As expected they could see the sac and not much else so they want me to wait another week or two before going back so they can see if this is a viable pregnancy. I want to know how many other moms found out Very early, had bleeding or fear of miscarriage and then went on to have a healthy pregnancy.


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I found out that I was pregnant with this baby at 4 weeks. Personally I would rather have not known for a few more weeks. I take prenatals anyways because I am still nursing my first. I took one of those tests that tell you how pregnant you are and it came back positive, then I went to the dr and their test came back negative...Thats how barely pregnant I was. That meant going for blood work and waiting a few days to find out...Then they were concerned about my HGC levels because I wasn't as far along as I should have been based on my LMP. The doctor told me there was a good chance the pregnancy wasn't viable because of my hormone levels. I ended up in the ER having an emergency vaginal ultrasound because of cramping. They thought the baby was ectopic...It was a lot of stress. But now I am 17 weeks along and everything seems to be fine. Have faith in the fact that your body knows what it's doing, and that (as cold as it sounds) there isn't much you can do aside from trying not to stress and taking care of yourself. Good luck!

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I found out really early with both my girls (less than 5 weeks with my first girl, less than 8 weeks with my 2nd). With both girls I had heavy bleeding very shortly after finding out I was pregnant, had scans with both that confirmed I was still pregnant and went on to have healthy children. I did have problem pregnancies with both, but that was because I had high-blood pressure brought on by the pregnancies, not because I found out early :)

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I found out i was pregnant at 5.5 weeks, told people and then started bleeding at 6 weeks. there were clots but not cramping or pain, the bleeding only lasted for a couple of hours but I really thought i was having a miscarriage but after a few days I was called in to have a scan and there was my lil baby heart beating strong as anything. I noe have a beautiful 12 month old little girl. Dont give up hope, but do be prepared just in case it is a miscarriage, I hope when you go back for the scan there is a litle heart beating back at you

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It is normal for some women to have bleeding during their pregnancy. This is why some think they are still having their period while pregnant, but you can't have a period.

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Alison, she said she started taking Prenatal vitamins when she felt pregnant.

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I had what I thought was my period full blown but on the light side. I was completely wrong. I was pregnant. I am now 5 months along and the baby is extremely healthy.

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I found out I was pregnant with my daughter @ 4 weeks. I started spotting @ six weeks and went to the local ER and they told me I was going to miscarry. I carried my daughter to 39 weeks. She is now a healthy 15 month old.

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My sister-in-law and I both got pregnant at almost the same time, both had bleeding very early on, and both went on to have beautiful healthy babies. My sister-in-law was like you, when she started bleeding, they couldn't see anything but the sack, but the next week, they were able to pick up the heartbeat. My sister-in-law had a completely normal pregnancy, and I had some issues with hypertension, but probably not related to the early bleeding.

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Ha ha! That's what I thought...

Sweetheart, having a miscarriage or suspecting a miscarriage is a stressful thing no matter what stage you are at. I hope you can get a confirmation either way very soon.

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You started birth control when you thought you were pregnant? Is that what you meant to say?

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