Does a Third Baby impact on current siblings relationship?

Kelley - posted on 03/04/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi mums, this is my first time posting. I have two wonderful, crazy active kids that never slow down LOL..aged 3 (boy) and 2 (girl). For the last 3 months I've found myself wanting a third and finally got up the courage to tell hubby. We had always decided we'd have two close together then we were done, so after my little girl we gave away all our baby stuff. Having this desire to have a third surprised me as much as my hubby but he said he'd think about it if that's what I wanted, and if we did have another we'd wait a year so my son would of just started school when baby 3 was born. My husbands main concern is son and daughter are such good friends and do everything together, it's almost been like having twins. If we had a third my son would of just turned 5 and my daughter 4, leaving a 4-5 age gap. He's worried a third will totally change the family dynamic and either change the relationship of our current two, or the third may feel like an outsider because the other two are so tight. Has anyone else had a similar age gap and how do you find the sibling relationships? Would love some insight thanks :-)


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Liz - posted on 03/04/2016




IMO, a 4 to 5 year age gap isnt all that bad. My kids, age 10 (boy) and 7(girl) are close. With that said, they are super close to their 13 year old sister (half-sister by dad, but to them there is no 'half'). I would recommend having two more, that way they have their own clique too. I am considering having kids again since I have just remarried and hubby doesnt have any of his own, I want two. But talk about an age difference there... -sigh-

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