Ex-Husband saying disparaging things and turning my kids against me.

Toni - posted on 10/14/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am divorced since my boys were 5 and 9. They are 13 and 17 now. I have always had a rocky relationship with their narcissistic father and now he is bad mouthing me. The things they say to me are hurtful and I know they are coming from him , because it is topics we have been arguing about and words that he has said. I feel betrayed by my sons, as I have sacrificed so much for them and tried my best to provide them with a stable life and a good education. I am feeling very disconnected and out of touch with the two of them and it is a horrible feeling. Has anyone else had a similar scenario? Any advice is welcome. Thank You.


Michelle - posted on 10/15/2016




Don't blame your sons at all. They are caught in the middle.
Coming from a child that has been through it, DON'T say anything bad about their Father. No matter how hard it is! My Mother always bad mouthed my Dad when we were growing up. We would tell Dad what she was saying but he never said anything back to us. He just listened. When I left home and looked back on what she did I asked Dad why he never said anything bad about her. His response was that, their problems had nothing to do with my brother and myself and we didn't need to be involved in the adult discussions/problems.
I have so much respect for my Dad for being the better person and not stooping to her level.
Yes it hurts and you may not see it now but your children will respect you in years to come and realize what an a$$hole their Father is.
Children don't care what you have "sacrificed" for them and they shouldn't either. YOU chose to have children so of course you will go without to provide for them. It irks me when parents go on about what they have done for their children, that's your choice and job so suck it up and stop dwelling on it. We all sacrifice things for our children as we all want the best for them, you wouldn't be a good parent if you didn't.

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