Family,Future husband,and doubts.

Kathryn - posted on 11/01/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Okay,so.I'm having an issue.

My Older sister found out I was pregnant,and she's pissed.

So much that she told her husband to throw me out.

Here's the kicker:It was'nt the fact that I was pregnant that I upset her,It was because of who the father is.

The father of my child and I have a rocky past.

When I met him at 15,I was smitten like a kitten.

He was 18,and the sweetest.But we did'nt last long.Over the next few years,we would date on and off,Not because of fights,just because of distance.Well the summer I turned 16,it came to an abrupt halt,when we moved in together.He,then started hanging in with a bad crowd,and got addicted to drugs.On November 4th,I discovered I was pregnant.I said nothing for a while,and in December,I told him,after arguing heavily.He and I split up,he fell even further into drugs,and alcohol,and eventually ended up in prison for two years,for hanging with the wrong crowd.

In that time,I had lost the child I was carrying,cut ties with him,and the outside world,and just wasted away.I pushed everyone I knew,and loved away.

It was'nt until I was 19 that I picked up my pieces.I got my GED,Graduated College,and got my license,after working at McDonalds,and getting my head together.

This year,in July,I recieved a text from the father of the child I miscarried,asking what happened,and he asked for forgiveness.

I forgave him,and he became a friend,who I ended up falling for,all over again,and ended up dating.

Well,he proposed to me,and I accepted.

We then began having troubles when my younger sister,who have no respect for,and who is less than ladylike,put some things in his head about me,and he then thought he could'nt trust me.After some time apart,we recconciled,and I found out we were expecting.

He goes to all the appointments,and holds my hand,and wants nothing more to be a husband and father.

My older sister has pulled away from me,and talking to her is hard,but I try,because I want to be close again.She expected so much more of me,and feels that I deserve better,and I let her down.

However,I'm having dreams,and they're haunting me,

Recently,they all revolve around the same thing:My Fiance getting cold feet,and leaving my child and I again,like he did the first time.

I'm terrified of this,

Am I just plain crazy,or do I deserve what I get?


Ariana - posted on 11/02/2012




It sounds like a lot of different dynamics are coming into this.

You might want to find a councellor who can help you deal with all these issues.

For dreams most people believe that your dreams are part of your unconscience. Do you secretly fear that he's going to leave you? Has he shown signs that this is going to happen?

For your sisters I would try to tell them that you hope your relationship with your fiance does not impact your relationship with them. They are family after all and who you're with is your business. You can always try to see them away from your fiance if it's that big of a deal.

Like I said though, there seem to be a lot of inter dynamics that need to be dealt with. Finding a councellor who can help you decifer through everything may help you a lot. You also know that they'd be concerned for you and not their own view of what's going on (as your fiance/sisters and whoever else will be concerned about their spot in your life in a different way).

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