First Ultrasound Yolk Sac but No Fetal Pole Seen.

Rita - posted on 06/26/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I had my first u/s last Thursday @ 8-weeks pregnant. It was a transvaginal u/s used in early pregnancy to determine exactly how pregnant I am. Shockingly, as this is my third pregnancy, I was expecting to see what I've seen with my first 2 pregnancies (that is the yolk sac, embryo, & heartbeat); but, I only saw a black empty kidney bean shape inside of my uterus . . . nothing else. So, I told the technician, "That's weird, I don't see anything." She pointed to the an area inside the kidney bean shape saying this is where the placenta will be and here is where the baby will develop and she then said you're definitely not 8-weeks pregnant". I clearly did not see anything inside the kidney bean; I don't have a trained eye. But it was really scary being that with my first pregnancy I saw yolk sac, embryo, & hb at 7-weeks and with my second preggers I think I was further along when I saw baby for the first time. I am so nervous, still waiting on bloodwork results. I'm scheduled to see the OB nurse in 2 and a half weeks. I've spoken with the OB doctor about my concerns and she said that it could go either way at this point & that she didn't want to say 'for certain' that I'm doomed to miscarry. She said that due to the fact that I'm breastfeeding she cannot gauge my pregnancy to the start of my LMP that it causes fluctuations in ovulation. I'm 43-years and she says that alone places me in at a high risk, however, she said to wait on bloodwork, etc and that they'll perform another u/s at my visit to see the OB nurse. I was experiencing quesiness & slight nausea which subsided as of yesterday and now I'm doubly concerned with fear of miscarriage. This morning for about 2-hours my stomach was making loud bubbling/gurgling sounds, but no gas. I made myself have a #2 (hoping that would subside the noise), but the sounds, etc continued for an hour. Please I'm asking and hoping for any one who have experienced anything like what I've just shared. Btw, I have no spotting/no bleeding and yesterday I had a little low back pain with some mild cramps. Thank you so much for your honest feedback.

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