Has anyone had to deal with molluscum contagiosum?


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my son had 3 spots on him.. a huge one of the back of his neck.. a medium sized one of the side of his neck and one on his chest... i popped the one on the back of his neck and got some puss out and then put like proxide over it and then left it alone and it completely is gone now.. i did the same with the one on the side of his neck ( it was HUGE last week ) and now its barley there.. and im just going to leave the one on his chest alone and see if it goes away on its own since its not really big

Tania - posted on 11/14/2011




My liitle guy had got it from swimming lessons last Aug (10) All the doc said there was nothing they could do as it is a virus and it will eventually go away on it own, which can take up to 3 years. It got so bad that he was referred to a Derm, and they used Cantharone. Its a blistering agent and very strong. It can be pretty painful. Thankfully it didn't bother my son at all, but it did leave the ones under his chin looking like awful burns.\
They are now completely gone and I will now bring my own life jacket and noodle to swimming lessons.

Amelia - posted on 11/14/2011




My 10 year old had them when he was in the first grade. He had them for several months which during that time, they had multiplied. He became very self-conscious about them as several were on his face. His doctor said they would go away on their own which could take several months, and often the creams were not effective enough to clear them up. We took the conservative route and waited for a few months, but when that did not prove to be effective, we went back and the doctor removed them using a curette (type of instrument) to "scoop" each one out completely from the skin. He covered each one with spot bandaids (for 24 hours) to prevent spreading of any new lesions. That was the most efficient and effective treatment for us. That method took only minutes to remove, was minimally invasive, left no scars, and they have never returned.

Jessica - posted on 04/27/2010




It took 6 months to clear up - none of the treatments the doctor tried helped. Just make sure that the towels aren't shared and that the bumps are covered up to keep it from spreading...

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yes twice the doctor gave her cream and they went on there own it took a while (6 month) but she does a lot of swimming is where she picked it up

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