heavy sleep, unable to wake up to go pee at night..

Ozzy - posted on 09/21/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )





So, I am trying to have my 5yr old off the night time diaper and I am not having any success, yet. I stop the fluids around 6pm, I make him go to the bathroom as many times as possible before going to sleep, and then I follow my routine: I have to wake him up at 10pm, 12am, 2am, 4am and 6am otherwise he just doesn't wake up. I have to take him to the bathroom, he doesn't even notice I take him out of his bed.. he doesn't even remember he went to the bathroom... From 6sm to 7.30am when we get up, he is wet because I don't take him between that time because I always think he will be kind of up by then and will go to the bathroom, but NO!!! or he also gets wet when I don't hear the alarm and I don't get up to take him and skip one of scheduled times I have created for him.
What can I do?
He has extremely heavy sleep!!! I mean I take him and can't even wake him up so he knows what we are doing. How can I help him?
I am tired, waking up every 2 hrs is no fun, but I will keep doing it as long as I need to.
p.s. he stopped using the daytime diaper at 2.5yrs and it tok him only 2 weeks, amazing. Now the real challenge is waking him, so he can learn to do it by himself at nigh...


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Um, has it occurred to you that because you are waking him 5 times a night to pee, he is tired and this is why he can't wake up at night? You may be part of the problem here. And honestly, this is NOT going to help him learn to go to the toilet at night.

How about you just buy him pull ups and let the process take its course? Did you know that 20% of 5 years olds still wet the bed at night? So your child is perfectly normal!!! Just leave him alone!


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Jacqueline - posted on 09/22/2015




my first daughter paige, went she was that young I make sure she go to the bathroom before bedtime ,I make sure he don't drink before she in for bed ,,it wk for me

Dove - posted on 09/22/2015




If he is needing to pee every 2 hours through out the night you might want to speak to a doctor. That is a LOT... If he still pees in the last hour and a half that you don't wake him up... stop waking him up throughout the night. All you are doing is disturbing sleep for both of you and it's obviously not working.

Not waking to pee in the night and not being able to hold your bladder through the night is still VERY normal at 5 years old, but I would be concerned w/ the frequency that he is peeing and also thinking that you waking him every 2 hours is possibly making things WORSE... not better.

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