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k, i hope someone can give me some advice!

im a first time mom, my little girl Trystan is just over 9 months old.

she has been eating solids, drinking water, and taking her bottles of formula no problem. now all of a sudden she has decided she doesnt want her bottles or even sippy cup of formula. cold, warm doesn't matter, she wont even let it get close to her mouth without shaking her head. she has been teething for um....bout....6 months(still only one tooth) but she isn't fussy at all, and still sleeps normally.

the doctor has told me not to start her on homo milk until 12 months....i don't know what to do?!

please give me somthing :)



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thanks everyone for the feed back, it is very useful!  i didn't think about putting the formula in her cereal, she wouldn't notice at all! 

thanX again Katie  :)

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If she won't drink anything at all from the bottle, then she may have another tooth pushing through or she may have some sort of infection.  If she is drinking juice or water, then it is just a phase with the formula.  Keep offering it and she'll eventually take it again.  The important thing is to make sure she stays hydrated...even if you have to use a dropper to get liquids in her.

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One of my twins did that at 8 1/2 months. She was nursing and all of a sudden just wouldn't nurse. She wouldn't take a bottle so I had to give her a sippy cup, which she wasn't very good at yet. It took two days before I could get her to take a bottle.

You could try mixing juice in her formula. Also, if she has a regular cup that she uses, try switching the cup. My pediatrician had my start my kids on whole milk at 10 or 11 months. That is when I started mixing the milk with breastmilk or formula. It's always good to consult a pediatrician with nutrition concerns. I've read not to give babies much water because it isn't good for them. Babies don't get thirsty like adults and don't need water to quench their thirst. Limit the water a cup a day or so. I always do 1/2 juice and 1/2 water. Once that is gone than I refil with water so that juice is limited.

Sorry I don't have more advice for you. Good luck.

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I had a similar problem with my 2 yr old when she was little. offer it but dont force it. if she wants it she will take it. is she is eating other things and drinking water and juice and such im sure shes fine. have you had her checked for ear infections? that happens alot while teething, and often babies wont want to drink from a bottle or cup with an ear infection. i hope this will help you even in the smallest of ways. i know i always appreciated any help i could get with my first.

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Has the doctor checked her mouth and throat?There can be a lot of reasons from infections to just sore throats or even hand foot and not let her go long with out fluids.babies dehydrate very quickly!

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this happened to my friend and she just kept giving her solids and when she wanted a bottle whenever that was she would offer it to her when she wants it again she will take it dont worry too much

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Listen to your pedi! Your baby still needs the formula. Continue offering her the bottle, and mix some formula in with her cereal, fruits and veggies, so that she's at least getting it whether she takes the bottle or not. She may very well take the bottle again. HTH.

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I would try putting some formula into some baby cereal with mushed bananas, that way she probably won't notice it and still get the nutrients she needs. Hope this helps.

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is she still gaining weight? has she been taking anything at all from her bottle? do u know if she is getting another tooth thru maybe? i wouldnt start her on cows milk til about 10-11 months at least

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