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Marcy - posted on 12/15/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 20 months. I have a few people who think he should be out of a highchair. He is quite hyper but should I try to start. He sometimes likes his highchair and other times he doesn't


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Ev - posted on 12/15/2014




It is really up to you and what you are comfortable with. Some kids do better in a high chair and others do not. My daughter was tiny for her age and some places we had to use a high chair for her because the chairs were such that she could fall out of them even with a booster seat. My son on the other hand outgrew the high chair quickly. He learned to sit in a chair quite well mostly booths and was kept busy with a few toys or crayons. If he acted up I would threaten the high chair and he quit on the spot..LOL...never knew that would work to get him to mind but it did. My daughter used her high chair at home until the age of 2 or 3. I then got her a little table and chair set for a birthday and she would sit there to eat her meals and such. We did not have a big enough house to have a real dining area in it but she learned to use her things at the table quit well. Later her brother did the same thing at the same table.

Sarah - posted on 12/15/2014




Usually around 15 to 18 months I start to transition my day care kids to the table instead of the high chairs. Then I also start working on table manners. Eating with a spoon or fork, drinking from a sippy cup if not already doing so (regular cup at 3 yrs), and just how we act at the table in general.

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