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How do I get my 2 year old to sleep alone?

Kelli - posted on 12/09/2008 ( 8 moms have responded )




I can't get my son to go to bed without me laying down with him. When he wakes up in the middle of the night he comes crying to my room for me to get back in bed with him. I would like to sleep in my own bed again.

I know part of the problem is due to us sharing a room when the semester is in session. He has his own bed at both places. I have one more semester. Should I just wait and tackle this problem when I graduate?


Sabina - posted on 12/09/2008




please dont wait!!!! i waited til my girl was 4 because i thought the older she was, the more she'd understand that she must sleep in her own bed. how wrong i was! i tried everythin to get her in her own bed and nothin worked. a few people said to me try a telly, it mite work. i was dead against this and refused to even try it. but one night it got to the point that i had really really had enough si i gave in and tried the smallest telly i could find and put it in the bedroom. wow, what an improvement!! my daughter has not been in my bed ever since and a year down the line, now my daughter knows what to do at bedtime, i have taken the telly out and put a radio/cd player in instead and works just as well. she loves to dance around her bedroom durin the day and listens to enya or other chill out type music at bedtime.

Darlene - posted on 12/09/2008




Hmm that is a tough one but i have been there. My son slept in our bed for 2 yrs not by choice b/c i thought it was the only way he would sleep. when he turned two i had enough. i put him in his rm in his own bed. i sat in a chair near his bed for a month while he put a show on for me and entertained me until finally he crashed. one night i had a enough so i just walked out of his rm and he fell asleep on his own. so the next night i put him to bed and left not so easy this time he protested kept jumping out and i would just keep putting him back not say a word no eye contact didn't act upset just put him back and left. he would come out sometimes a 100 times a night but eventually he knew he wasn't going to win the battle and gave up. i did the same thing when he got up in middle of the night. luckily for me he would just come out once or twice then go back to sleep. its very time consuming and frustrating and you definitely have to stick with it or it won't work...some nights he would cry and i would check on him after 15 min but that made it worse so i just had to let him do it on his own... self soothing let me tell ya i learned my lesson. my second baby is 9 months and i did it right this time he sleeps 7p-7a i still have to get up in middle of the night but it's for my 3 yr old not the baby... go figure...

Stacy - posted on 12/09/2008




I have the solution...or at least it worked for me. My son use o always want me to either lay with him in his bed or with me in mine. I started out gradually working toward him staying in his bed.

I tried letting him fall asleep in my room and waiting until he was SOUND asleep and then putting him in his bed. That didn't always work. I started him out on the floor in my room, and then worked our way up to him being in his room alone. That way he knows I am still next to him and I where I can hear him if he needs me. This worked like a charm....Then slowly we worked toward him staying in his room. We started putting kid-friendly movies in his DVD player to help him sleep so he doesn't hear every little noise.

It worked for me...Hope this helps. He still sometimes comes into my room in the middle of the night, except now instead of taking over my bed, he brings his blankets in and will curl up on my floor without even waking me. =)


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User - posted on 11/05/2013




My daughter almost 2 1/2 and she's recently started being scared of the dark so for 2 weeks I slept next to her. Then it became a habit for her. (It killed me to watch her throw up from being so scared). So I read from another mom to start telling her throughout the day she's going to sleep by herself. She's a big girl now, and big girls sleep without mommy ect..... Then she knows she's sleeping in her own bed, by herself and she's prepared for it. I tried it. The 1st time I tried this it worked. I told her I'd keep the door open, have a night light and she's been amazing. It's important to keep asking her how she's going to fall asleep throughout the day so she's understanding the process. U will b able to tell the difference if its talked about multiple times compared to only once or twice. Every child is different so it's hard to say what'll work but good luck:) !!!!

Sherilyn - posted on 12/10/2008




I would start to tackle the problem now. I shared a room with my oldest while I was in college and she is now almost 6 and sleeps with me almost every night. It may mean that you have to get up a few times to put your son back to bed but eventually he will be ok with sleeping by himself. Hopefully it goes well

Drea - posted on 12/10/2008




i'm in the same exact boat as darlene... my 9 WEEK old wakes me up less than my almost 3 yr old! i've been doing the tough love thing for several months now. we were making progress prior to the new baby's arrival, but now we've regressed. funny thing is that my husband went away for 10 days and both kids were complete angels, sleeping on cue and where they were supposed to (in their own beds, not mine!). As soon as he came back, it all went to pot again. Explain that (my husband usually does the bedtime routine with the older one while i deal with the baby)??

anyway, it might help to wait until your son isn't confused by the constant change of bedtime scenery. when he only has one consistent routine, it might be easier to keep it. then just apply the tough love. put him in his bed and kiss him goodnight. if he keeps getting up, then just keep returning him to his bed. it's rough...heck, when mine REALLY wants to get his way, he just throws up in his bed!! but i just make him wait while i clean it all up, then put him in his bed again. took a couple times for him to figure out that wasn't going to get him a free pass to my bed. eventually it does work.

good luck!

Lisa - posted on 12/09/2008




Here is solution that worked for a co-worker of mine. Put your bed on the floor with a bed for him right next to yours. That way he is near but in his own space. Then as time progresses move his bed further away from yours. Eventually you can move it into his room and he can sleep alone. It may take a few months but it worked for a co-worker of mine. She also puts a baby gate on her daughter's room so she cant' get out and fall down the stairs.

My daughter at 10 months sleeps with me and I worry that I will never get her in her own bed but I am a working mom who needs sleep and getting up every 2 hours to get her, feeed her and put her back down in her bed just doesn't work well.

Best of luck.

Mandi - posted on 12/09/2008




when u find a solution to the prob,let me know,ive got the same prob with my 2 yr old girl,its a nightmere...

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