How to get over the anger and hurt

Dahlia - posted on 02/27/2014 ( 6 moms have responded )




How do you move on and get over the anger and hurt when the father of your new born baby moves out and started living with the girl he was cheating on you with?


Gena - posted on 02/28/2014




Dahlia,sorry for your situation.Just remember,you deserve better then guy who treated you without respect! Might sound wierd,but be happy he is gone,i know it sounds harsh and its not easy...but you deserve a guy that carries you on hands and knees...and there will be a guy out there somewhere that will do that.Good luck and keep your head up with proud for who you are.

April - posted on 02/27/2014




It won't be easy and it won't be quick. You are going to have to go through a process of healing and moving on. The most important thing is to not let yourself fall into depression. I went through a similar situation and I got so low I almost commited suicide. Talking to others helped me a lot. I sought out older and wiser people. The bible helped a lot even though I honestly am not a religious person. I became wrapped around my baby and self improvement. I started going to church, working out, got a job and started going to school. I would take time to go out with my friends and have fun. I met someone new who treated me like a queen and my daughter like his own and with all that I learned I was worth a lot more than that other guy had made me feel like. Just focus on yourself and your baby. There's way better men out there that won't so you dirty like that and you deserve a good guy. Every girl does.

Always remember nothing is new under the sun, and your life is not over. The hurt will become dull over time, for now it's up to you to be strong and move forward when you feel like you can't.


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Angela - posted on 03/01/2014




Remind yourself that this girl has done you a favour - she's taken this cheating, no-good guy off your hands.

Dahlia - posted on 02/27/2014




Thank you for sharing your story with me. I am trying to focus on my baby and myself. Through it all, I learn to trust in God more because without him I think I would be going crazy. I am taking it day by day.

Thanks for the advice.

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