how to progress potty training after the child refuses to sit back on it !!

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Brittney - posted on 03/03/2012




If the child doesn't want to sit for long, try to distract him/her with a toy or a book. It took me 10 months to potty train my daughter, I started when she was 6 months old and when she turned a year old, she didn't want to sit for very long, I gave her a book to 'read' and a few toys to look at. I've also heard of people using stickers and timers. Good luck!

User - posted on 03/03/2012




Make it fun and don't give up. I got a bucket of treats and toys from the dollar store and put it next to my sons potty chair. The whole house got excited every time he went. It took about 2-3 months for my son and he fought it! So don't give up and it will happen. Good luck!

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