Husband that travels every week.

Maria - posted on 10/04/2015 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hello Ladies,

I am struggling with keeping some balance in my life. I am a full time work mom with a husband that travels every week for his work. I feel very stressed trying to keep up with my demanding job, our daughter's school and volleyball practices and the house. I feel that I put too much on myself but I don't know what else to do. I don't have family close so that makes my life even more challenging. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.


Roberta - posted on 11/14/2016




I have 3 children and my husband is gone every other week and sometimes for a month at a time. I honestly have to take it one day at a time. If I look to much in the future it starts to feel like to much for me. What does work for me for the most part is that I have my 2 older children help out with things around the house. I also give myself permission to not do something sometimes. It's a hard thing to have a husband who travels for work and not have family close to you, I fully understand. My main suggestion would be not to be to hard and demanding of yourself and take it one day at a time. Keep your heard up and I pray you are able to find the balance you are looking for :)

Fatima - posted on 02/11/2017




Sounds like what I go through on a daily basis, except my husband doesn't travel for work.

One thing that's helped me cope with life (and everything in between) is waking up before everyone else and doing something I love. Whatever it maybe, just stick to that routine. You'll be able to find peace within. Also, remember that regardless of what you do, you'll have chores to tackle, so you can't really ignore those. I've tried... it doesn't work.

Good luck!

- Fatima over at Motherhood Through My Eyes

Sarah - posted on 10/17/2015




I have four super active kids (actually three now that one is in college and manages his own affairs but I go to his cross country meets). I find that planning meals for the week on Sunday and pre-cutting and prepping food ahead of time makes the week easier. I have a volleyball player as well, along with one child in soccer and basketball, and one in soccer in cheer right now. All ending fall sports and moving to winter. Volleyball goes year round, as you probably know. Can you hire someone to help with cleaning or cooking one day a week? I find if I make an elaborate meal on Sunday or Monday; baked chicken, baked potatoes, green beans, biscuits, apple sauce, gravy and carrots and dip. I can take those leftovers and make chicken and dumplings, eggs and fired potatoes, cold chicken sandwiches with hot veggies on the side and pancakes and apple sauce. Then my week is covered and we do no junk food, I work full time as well. It is very challenging, but it really make life easier for me.

Maria - posted on 10/05/2015




Hi Ladies, thank you for sharing your ideas with me. My daughter is 13 and she is a good help around the house, I also have team up with another Mom to take turns picking up the girls from volleyball practice. I think my problem is that I like my house to be clean and I also try to cook our meals myself. My husband has been traveling every week for the past 10 years and I feel I am just plain tired of being in my own and having to figure it out when he is not around. I am hoping this is only a "face" and that I will eventually go back to feel balanced. Thank again for all your comments, I appreciate it.


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Jodi - posted on 10/04/2015




Also remember....your house does not need to be perfect. Allow yourself to de-stress. If your daughter is old enough, allocate her some chores. Surely she can help fold washing, do dishes, water the garden...choose some tasks she will be capable of.

Michelle - posted on 10/04/2015




Is there any way you could team up with another family from the volleyball team and take turns in taking the children? That way you would only have to do the runs to practice every 2nd or 3rd week.
How old is your daughter?

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