I am looking for a birthday tutu. Does anyone know of a good place to buy one?


Candie - posted on 03/19/2011




Next time you need one, let me know... I customize them for all sizes. I offer an assortment of colors too...mix and match! They are $20, plus shipping. I also have an etsy shop, but my etsy prices are a little higher, due to the fees they have. If you want to see a couple of photos, visit my blog at http://teenytinybycandie.blogspot.com/


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Amanda - posted on 12/08/2009




Quoting Corrie:

etsy.com has some nice homemade ones and you could also get a full outfit.

i also recommend etsy.com.   you can find anything there!  they are all home made and there is a huge variety of styles, colors, prices and makers!  also, most of the sellers would be more than willing to do a custom order for you.

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Quoting Chanel:

I am looking for a birthday tutu. Does anyone know of a good place to buy one?

I am looking for a website or a place in my area.


Custom tutu's for every occasion

Michelle - posted on 12/08/2009




I just bought my daughter one for $12.99 at Baby's R Us. It's pink with a pink bow, it was in the birthday clothing section for her. Very very cute! Hope this helps! :-)

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Carla - posted on 12/08/2009




babies r us had some the other day, the had lil birthday outfits with tutu's...cute!

Kim - posted on 12/08/2009




i made ones for my girls for halloween one year. and they are simple easy!

you need a pair of panty hose (for the waist- belt)
3 metres (approx.) of tulle or crinoline, whatever it is called --i got mine at wal mart. there wasnt a big selection of colours though.
colourful strips of fabric (to add demention to the tutu)
embellishments (to decorate it) --i used plastic spiders because she was a witch

cut (or tear-- i didn't notice the seams after) the strips double the length from her waist to the knee.

fold it in half. at that mark, tie it on to the panty hose. repeat until the skirt is as full as you want it.

hot glue sparkles and artificial flowers on it to make it pretty! i also added old ribbon i had in my craft room.

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toys r us would have some an if you want the internet try onestepahead.com or sensentialbegginnings.com i think thats what its called

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