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There are so many mornings I have woken up to chaos. How do I define many in this instance? At least 30 times or more in a- lets say four month period. What is my chaos? A three year old discovering how to make the most outrageous and most time consuming messes possible. First, it was the bathroom. While I was sleeping, my toddler would sneak into the bathroom and get into everything he could find. I use to have tons of make up collected from many years of creative expression. A 96 shade palette of eye shadow, a collection of loose eye shadows, multiple mascaras, eye liner pencils, lip liners, foundations in powder, liquid and in between, blusher, bronzer.. and so on. No, I don't where it all- And I do not look like a clown. Actually, now a days I hardly ever where make up - and when I do- it is very little. But I use to like to have variety and was very into colors. (artist by nature) I also did friends and families make up for special occasions.

Not anymore. Countless times I have woke up to rummaging sounds in the bathroom to find my son in a mud mixture of eye shadow, foundation lipstick, mascara ect... all over him the rugs, wall, every where. The bathroom rugs have since been ruined and thrown away. THe toilet seat is stained with lipstick- as are many other things, and the only make up I have now is one foundation and one mascara that I keep in my purse at all times for fear of a repeat of this repeat disaster. It does not stop there, though- as far as the bathrooms goes. He has also climbed on the counter, gotten into the medicine cabinet, emptied out medication and vitamins, my husbands contact solutions etc.... under the sink into all the extra shampoos, soaps, toothpastes and lotions....ect. He destroyed my husbands glasses...an so on.... about a grand of damages in the bathroom incidents alone.
Moving on.... before the bathroom obsession it was our computers. I use to be in school until he required 24/7 attention- so we had a laptop for me, that I passed to my husband, replaced by one better suited for my school needs, our first home computer, and recently a laptop my mother in law gave my husband. He first poured milk all over the home computer and it fried. Then he grew towards the fascination of dekeying the laptops. ANd not in the way you can just pop them back on. All three of our laptops have been subject to this destruction. The newest one-Mine- was, then, subject to some other kind of abuse.... not sure what he did.... but it is broken- unusable....
I don't really know how to add up the cost of this damage... 2 grand? at least?
Moving on.... and the worst yet.... THE KITCHEN.... we at one time had a lock on the fridge. it broke. so many times I woke up to see my son had gotten into the pantry and tore open anything he could- cake mix, flour, sugar, sides...etc. I put a lock on that and haven't had many issues since. But the fridge. He has dumped gallons of milk, juice and anything he could find... The worst was the night he got up after my husband and I fell asleep and found an entire carton of eggs, a gallon of milk, a gallon of orange juice, one of those large tubs of margarine that hadn't even been opened. ... mustard, mayo, salad dressing..... and so on.... then onto the counter to find 5 pounds of sugar, three pounds of coffee grounds..... ALL OVER- from ceiling to floor, on walls and curtains, into the living room carpet, blankets and couches.... That was the worst of them all.... This morning I woke up to an early morning fridge raid. I yelled. and cried. When am I going to get a handle on this? We cant even keep groceries in the house. I had to have my husband pick up a gallon of milk last night after work so I would have some for my son today.... Just to wake up to the entire gallon- among many other things. Dumped all over the floor. I called my husband and told him. He tells me now that we "will just have to get a fridge lock".... you mean the one I have been asking for for the last 2 months? Since I have no control over the money.....(despite his promises)
WHat I have control over? Cleaning up each and every single mess that I have above mentioned.... on top of the regular household chores and picking up after my boys... BTW the washing machine broke a couple days ago... 'I' looked at it. 'I' diagnosed it. And 'I' will probably be the one to fix it once I get the part I need to fix it. Really bad timing when you just had to clean up a huge mess...= lots of laundry that I have to hand wash... Yeah I sure have time for that.

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