i want to report child abuse anonymously so my grandson wont suffer if the person abusing him finds out she has been reported im the grandmother so i know what i can do is limited. he is living with his father who seems to be oblivious to what is going on. PLEASE HELP ME what can i do to get full custody, his mother was negligent so she lost custody, to the father whom im finding is not much better, trace my grandson cannot tell you if someone is abusing his, he just shuns away from that person. again please tell me what to do


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DC - posted on 07/07/2016




I am so sorry. What a difficult situation to be in. I will pray for him as well as for you.

It is true that just because you are the grandparent, custody does not default to you necessarily. There are so many questions, both legal and otherwise to be answered. I found an article here http://bit.ly/29wipzS that might help you with what questions to ask yourself before asking for custody, what legal issues need to be considered, etc. You are in a very hard place. Best wishes to you both.

Jodi - posted on 07/06/2016




Anonymous or not, the parents are still going to know there was a report by someone, because child protection has to investigate.

Sarah - posted on 07/06/2016




All reports to CPS are anonymous. So if the father is abusive or negligent you should call right away. Do not assume that you will be the new custodian. the child could get placed with another family member or even in foster care.

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